About Us

The original "us".
We met on the job and were married on my 28th birthday in 2005.
Just about 4 years later, we welcomed twin boys, Wesley and Andrew into our lives.
I'm Margie.
I heart photography, baking, crafting, gardening and red wine.
My hubby Dan hearts old cars (there's a '61 Buick Skylark sitting in our garage) and loves to fix things (there's a '61 Buick Skylark in our garage.)

Here's little Wesley.
This little redhead is sneaky, yet sweet.
When you least expect it, he'll steal your toy.
Or your heart.
Wesley is the oldest, by one minute, but hey, use whatever you can, right?

Andrew is our comic relief.
He'll also be the one who turns my hair gray.
He always has to make a scene.
Whether laughing or crying, his motto is go big, or go home.

Add three wonder-dogs to the mix and there you have it.
Our family.
Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with us.