Thursday, September 25, 2014

{Product Review} Back to school with Kidecals

My kids have been in day care for over two years now, so I'm familiar with sending in items that are labeled with our name... that being said, Kindergarten (yep, you heard right...KINDERGARTEN) is a whole new ball of wax!   School has been in session for almost a month now and is going quite smoothly.  We obtained a supply list (x's2) in early summer and I got started right away on stocking up on everything that was needed for the boys' classrooms.  Many things are community items (my kid can't possibly use all that glue in 10 months!) but other supplies are individual and require labels strong enough to withstand, ...well, ten months of kindergarten.

I went to Kidecals and spent a while looking at all the options they had - I was definitely impressed with the amount of personalized designs and generic designs they had to choose from.  They even have chalkboard decals and allergy alert decals!  So clever!

Here's what Kidecals has to say:
Gone are the days of iron on name labels and sharpies. Our durable kids name labels are so easy to apply and will stay stuck for as long as you want them to. Dishwasher and washing machine safe, these name labels are perfect for clothing, school supplies, sports gear, and electronics. Save yourself the hassle of digging through the lost and found with our durable and stylish name labels for kids.

Because I have two kiddoes' items to label and a budget to stick to, I went with a more plain, personalized decal utilizing just our last name and phone number. I was able to easily customize the wording and even the color of the font and background!  I was impressed by the quick turnaround for a personalized item.   I had my decals within 10 days of ordering.  Then I put them to the test.  I labeled backpacks.  Perfection. I labeled lunch bags. Awesome.  I even labeled the boys smocks and some plastic lunch containers.  I've hand washed the decaled food containers and dishwasher-ed them with no problem.  Theses labels are tough.

These labels are extremely tacky and made of a strong, durable plastic/vinyl material. Even though they are quite gummy, they seem like they'd be easily removable down the road if you needed to take them off (I may have mis-stuck one or two and had to reapply them).  I LOVE these labels - there is one thing I have to say if I'm being completely honest... Although Kidecals claim to be washing machine and dryer friendly, the label (although still legible and in one piece) definitely had some wear after the very first wash cycle of the art smocks.   I threw it in the dryer and the dryer didn't really beat it up too much more...just the wash cycle  The labels were still in tact, but I would either had wash any labeled clothing or not use them on clothing in the future.  I'd say stick (pun intended) to slapping those decals onto items that don't go in the washing machine.  Other than that, I definitely have to go order more - I really think I can use these EVERYWHERE! Sign up for their mailing list - Kidecals has great sales going on all the time!