Wednesday, June 11, 2014

{Instagram} 100 Happy Days


Have you heard of this great project from the 100 Happy Days Foundation?  They encourage, promote and basically challenge you to be... wait for it... HAPPY!  I decided to hop on the Happy Band Wagonand it's quite simple. For 100 days in a row, you highlight something that made (or makes) you happy, put it on Instagram (or Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc) and tag it #100HappyDays
you can create your own hastag (if you don't want all of the followers...) like I did... #100DaysHappy. (OK, so maybe I goofed up the hashtag on day 1 and just went with it.)

If you want to officially participate, head over to the website, enter your information and start being happy! When you are all finished with your project, there are all these awesome options to create a collection of your own personal happy - so many little book choices made with YOUR images from the project.  So cool!

As of today, I am HALF WAY DONE!   That's right, I'm at Day 50, and have been having so much fun.  It sounds silly, but having a little "job" to do each day, involving capturing something happy, or something that makes you happy is SUPER FUN!  Especially if you're a photographer wanna-be like me!  Some days, it's hard to narrow it down to one happy moment/image.  Other days, I really have to dig deep (hey, we all have days like that, right?)  Did you know I go garage sale-ing on my bike?  ...or that I LOVE Starbucks (shut the front door), or that my kid likes a lot (and I mean A LOT) of dressing with his carrots?  These are all things you should know! 

If you're not already following along with doublethegiggles on Instagram, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  You've already missed out on HALF of my happy little moments, so it's time to catch up and continue following along!

Think you can find one thing a day that makes you happy? See you over on Instagram!  Who knows, maybe I'll follow along in your 100 Happy Days! Wouldn't that just make you so HAPPY?