Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kid Nutrition While on Vacation

Ahhh.... Vacation...  We have been so long overdue for a vacation (like 4 and 1/2 yrs overdue) that we decided to squeeze 3 separate trips into 2 months.  The first trip was kid free...(Ahhh, again!)  We cruised the Caribbean with a great bunch of friends and had an absolute relaxing, recharging blast.  Margaritas never tasted so good.
A Margarita for Margarita!
The next vacation was just for the boys and I; we flew to Florida to visit my in laws for a week.  This is just what we all needed to cure our spring fever blues.  Spring has technically been here a few weeks now, but Mother Nature apparently didn't get the memo. Either that, or she's playing a freezing, icy, snowy, bitter cold, blustery joke on us.  The Florida sunshine felt wonderful and being outside in the fresh air (and in the pool, and at the park, and at the ice cream stand!) reminded me of warmer, brighter days ahead at home.
Florida Fun!
 Before our cruise started, my hubby and I decided to follow a 28-day diet, of sorts called the Fast Metabolism Diet. It's based on a book written by Haylie Pomroy; The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight.  All science aside, the meal plans are easy to follow and make a lot of sense.   Haylie even came out with a cookbook to help you be creative during the 28-day plan called  The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook.  We already have a bunch of obscure meal ingredients in our home (brown rice, quinoa, cashew butter, tahini, etc), so start-up wasn't too much of an investment for us.  There are some restrictions (diet is gluten free, caffeine free, dairy free, sugar free, soy free, and banana free), but those restrictions can always be altered to your specific needs; dietary or financial.  We completed the 28-days and still continue to adhere to the plan as much as we can.

On our cruise, we didn't hold back.  That being said, I didn't overdue myself, either, which is very easy to do, because...FRIED BACON!   and TATER TOTS!   and ROOM SERVICE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, 24 HOURS A DAY! Really, the cruise food was pretty awesome!  All in all, the pre-cruise diet got us into a healthy, conscious, food-decision-making state-of-mind and I did pretty well with my eating choices.
Good times with great friends!
Florida was a bit different.  Most of our lunches and dinners were eaten in restaurants, with crayons and kid menus, a plenty.  I allowed only 2 mac-n-cheese orders, but after that, it was mom's choice.   I decided to look through the menus and offer the boys 3 or four choices that I knew they'd like, but were healthier than the standard grilled cheese with fries.  Andrew opted for an adult-sized chef salad one day, and pretty much destroyed it.  Truly a Proud Mom Moment!  The boys also impressed their Grandpa by destroying a few bowls of steamed broccoli, too!
child of the corn
salad fan
When you're normally out to dinner with the kids it's usually a treat, and it's fun to allow the kids to order what they'd like for themselves, but when there are multiple non-home cooked meals, it's important to step in and coach/approve of the order before it is placed.  I made it mandatory that veggies were served with their meals (and eaten, accordingly!) and applesauce replaced french fries on most occasions.  Meals back at the condo were on the simpler side; pb&j, turkey roll-ups, greek yogurt, and of course, lots of fresh fruit and veggies.  The boys have impressive appetites (and an intense passion for raw carrots, which I'm quite certain they didn't inherit from me!), and I don't mind grabbing an ice cream cone or throwing a few Oreos their way (and taking a few for myself) if I know they've eaten a healthy meal before.
A sweet treat 
Ice cream with Grandpa
Have you ever had to limit your kids' access to kid's menus?  Was it easy, or a battle? What healthy choices were made?

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