Monday, March 24, 2014

{GIVEAWAY} Night Lights from Lily's Lights!

My boys are great sleepers and always have been. As they've grown, however, their falling-to-sleep habits have changed. Both went from falling to sleep in the dark with their doors closed, to wanting night lights, to wanting night lights and their doors open.  Lastly there was the hall light.  It now has to be left on (dimly) until they fall asleep, and don't think they'll let you go a single step past that light switch down the hall after tucking them in without flicking that switch!  It's like they are just waiting for me to forget.

I can deal with all of these requests (because if my kids sleep, than I can to!), and now, our need for light has expanded.  Since perfecting the whole potty training thing, the boys now get up during the night to use the bathroom and we required more lights than we originally had.  That's why I'm super glad that I found Lily's Lights on Etsy.  

I received this adorable, whimsical green elephant nightlight from Lily's Lights and LOVE IT!   Ashley, the artist and designer behind Lily's Lights uses molds to create the ceramic night lights and then hand carves the intricate designs.  The hundreds of tiny holes remind me of eyelet, and allow the soft light to do fun things on the wall surrounding the night light, itself.

...and my Lily's Light gives off just enough light so you can actually see what you are doing.  Have you ever had a night light that was so dim that you needed to turn the real light on?

Ashely currently makes owl, frog and elephant night lights and because she makes them from start to finish, you can select the design of your choice and the color of the ceramic glaze, too!  (Shhh... Don't tell anyone, but Ashley is currently designing a sheep night light! Wouldn't that be so sweet in a little one's nursery?) I know what I'll be buying for my 'new mom' friends!

This sweet elephant was just what we needed to brighten up our night time, and now, you can have one too!  Ashley from Lily's Lights was kind enough to offer THREE Double the Giggles readers night lights from her etsy shop!  How sweet! Enter below!

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