Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Valentines

This may come as a shock, but last year, I did not win Mother of the Year.  I'm pretty sure it was because I only made paper Valentines for the boys to exchange at their daycare, when clearly, every parent knows that you give out a fun little toy, treat or gadget with your ordinary, generic, out-of-a-box-from-the-local-drugstore Valentines. I mean, we MADE ours, people. From raw materials, like paper and potatoes. ...but that wasn't good enough, I guess.
This year, I decided to step it up a notch. I didn't dare go to Pinterest, as I'm sure I would've been bombarded by a million ideas, and who has time to narrow down from a million to two? Not me.
I already had two great ideas in mind, and I was going for it. (Mind you, these two ideas are most likely all over Pinterest anyway...and way better looking than ours, I'm sure.)

Wesley's way more acceptable 2014 Valentines.
I used my crumby, outdated version of Print Shop to make these adorable "I'm Stuck On You" Valentines for Wesley to hand out.  Wesley LOVES the color red, so I thought it'd be fun if he shared some festive, red sparkly heart stickers with his friends.  I was able to print 6 per page (Your Welcome, tree huggers!) A little trimming, and a few dots of double-sided adhesive and BAM!  They were done.  Easy peasy, totally affordable (I spent a total of $4 on stickers) and super cute!
Pour Some Sugar on Me. That's probably the song that first somes to mind when you think of love songs, right?  (No? Then clearly there is something wrong with you.)  Lets focus on the "sticky sweet" lyric.  We already nailed the sticky part with our awesome, sparkly red heart stickers.  They are super sticky, I assure you.
Sooo.... Onto the sweet!
Aw yeah, that's sweet! (From my head, to my feet, yeah!)

And...crunchy?  I don't remember that part of the song!

Do you take sugar? One lump, or two?
OK, enough singing classics. I threw the basic fixins' for s'mores (marshmallows, a Hershey's chocolate bar and graham crackers) into a ziplock bag, and added a fun, flattened cupcake liner for a little color.
Yer basic fixins'
I went back to Print Shop and made some bag labels with a incredibly cheesy clever saying for Andrew's Valentines. Life is S'MORE fun with a friend like you!

I'm hoping I get some serious mom-points for these bad boys.  They were simple to make, affordable and to top it off, they were so stinking cute!  My boys took them into pre-school yesterday because they won't be in school on Friday for the class party.  Their friends LOVED them!
What will you be sending in for Valentine's Day?


  1. Serious Mom points! They are adorable! any chance you want to squeeze in like 19 more by tomorrow? Did I mention my birthday was around the corner? Well, we are giving paper valentines with stickers.....I got nothing!

  2. I did scour pinterest for Valentine ideas for the girls this year and both of your ideas are WAY better! I wish I would have seen this last week ; ) So cute Margie! Love these!


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