Monday, December 9, 2013

{Twelve Days of Christmas} Day 9: Simple Holiday Decor

It's the Ninth Day of Christmas here at Double the Giggles and today I'm talking decorations!   I wait on pins and needles every year until I get the go-ahead (from my better half) to start my Christmas decorating.  Each year I mix it up a little, but year after year,  most of my collection makes an appearance during the month of December.

Now I love elaborate decorations just like the next person, but there are so many easy ways to 'decorate for less' especially since this stuff is only out for a month (or less, in most cases).  My first suggestion is to shop the sales AFTER the holidays.  Although you may be totally Merried Out by the time December 26th rolls around, you can't beat 75% off! You'll thank yourself the next year, I promise!

Use what you already have.  Here, I have three artificial trees.  We are in the middle of renovating out kitchen/dining space, and I've lost the area where I do my Christmas Countdown.  Lost, meaning, the wall/opening no longer exists.  As I took down our countdown days last year, I replaced them with all of the Christmas cards we received.  I could easily put the cards in a decorative box on our TV stand, but I really do enjoy seeing them all at year I'm decorating a tree with them!
I decorated some clothespins (from the local $ store) with Christmas colored washi tapes and pinned away!  So easy, cheap and festive!
No more weirdly-placed window and sliding glass door means no Christmas countdown this year.
Behold, the wonder of washi!
Clever Christmas card tree!
I could've done the countdown on the tree, as well, but to be honest, defer to my kids' fourth birthday post.  I just wasn't up for all the creative thinking hoopla this year.  Don't judge me.

Another easy decoration is shown below using shiny ball ornaments.  Chances are, you have a million of these for your tree.  Save ten or so and throw them in a basket, vase, or even on a festive plate.  Embellish with a ribbon when possible, and there you have it.  A pretty decoration for your mantle, or a festive centerpiece for the family Christmas dinner table.
Sparkly balls in a basket.
Find or buy a cheap old window (this one cost me $7 bucks at a local re-use shop) and dress it up.  My mantle is super shallow, and we still haven't found the perfect piece of reclaimed wood to make a new one.  This weathered window frame looks great above our fireplace and I keep it out year round, draping banners, greens and creatures on it!
Personalize your decorations.  A quick walk through your local craft store and a little imagination can yield fabulous results.  I'm still swooning over THESE gorgeous ornaments that I created for Day 6 of the my Twelve Days.  I had the ribbon, the photo, the photo paper and glue.  The only thing I purchased was the clear plastic ornament for like $1, and the snow, which I later replaced with Diamond Dust (finely ground glass by Flora Craft).  Use personalized decorations like this to decorate gifts, identify stockings, as place cards, etc. People will love the personal touch and these seriously were super easy and quick to make.
I totally made this!
Lastly, let's not forget about simple, affordable outdoor decorations.  I've had this idea FOREVER and finally got to creating them this year.   I grabbed a couple of rusty old tomato cages from our barn, bought two 7.5' strand of twinkle lights from the local hardware store and 75% (the only way to buy it!) 7' pine garland (I used 4 pcs/~28' per tomato cage) from last season.
Instant holiday magic!
How do you deck your halls?


  1. Love the decor! ALL HAIL WASHI!!! what a great use for it! :)

  2. I love the washi tape idea! Very nice execution of that. Wish I could do straight lines ... mine would look all jagged. :(


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