Saturday, December 7, 2013

{Twelve Days of Christmas} Day 7: Holiday Activities with Kids

We are now officially halfway through the Twelve Days of Christmas and celebrating Day 7 with some great suggestions for holiday activities.  Whether you live in sun and warmth or are buried in feet of snow, it's always fun to attend special events catering to kids and families.  During this time of year, I like to cram in as many festive activities as possible with my family.  Even though we are adding more chaos to our already busy schedule, attending holiday-themed events almost forces you to stop and enjoy the true warmth and wonder of the season.  I never get tired of seeing my boys' faces light up, and if that means going to one more parade or tree lighting, then so be it.  We are making memories here, people!

My go-to websites for a lot of local events are: Buffalo Citybration and Fun 4 Kids in Buffalo.  If you are a local DTG reader, check out these sites.  They are full of all sorts of things that you probably never even heard about.  They are great sources of information on some really cool events.

If you aren't local, there are a bunch of recommendations I have for you for discovering holiday family fun.
1.  Go to your local library.  They usually have some sort of holiday-related story time or activities/crafts.
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2.  Hit up the local or chain bookstores and get a schedule of events.  You can sit in on holiday story time and maybe even get to meet a character like the Grinch or even the Big Man in Red!

3.  Go to an ice rink and skate.  Can't skate, or have kids too little to skate?  Go anyway.  Your kids will LOVE watching the others skate around and around, and one should never pass up the opportunity for a mini hot cocoa party!  Bring a small baggie of marshmallows or candy canes to snack on!
Snoopy is a regular Brian Boitano!
4. Craft!  ...At the table or in the kitchen.  My kids love being involved in making anything.  When all else fails, make and decorate some sugar cookies.  Let them go crazy with sprinkles.

5. Host a gift exchange or a cookie decorating party.  Pick a day and have a casual get together with your childrens' closest friends.  For a gift exchange, keep it simple. Ask that everyone bring a wrapped book, and draw names to know who to give to.  Another great idea is to organize a gift drop off for needy children. This is a feel-good activity that will teach your children about giving to and helping others.

6. Ask your mom-friends for ideas.  At our last Mothers of Multiples club meeting, we had a round-table discussion on activities to do this time of year.  Smoke bellowed from my pen as I was busy scribbling down idea after idea that I never even thought of before!  Coolest idea ever: Robyn from Robyn's Little Nest 'hires' a Santa to come to her home.  For a small, affordable fee, her family and her friend's family can spend as much time as they need to with Santa.  There is no waiting in long lines, sweating in layers and layer of clothes while listening to kid after kid have their meltdowns.  Why didn't I think of that?  Robyn has created a fantastic tradition with her family.  Santa speaks to their Elf on the Shelf, and reads The Night Before Christmas.  This intimate interaction gives the children plenty of time to warm up to him and makes for great photographs (Think about it, you'd pay $25 for a not-always-perfect photo in the mall, so why not just have Santa come to you and take as many photos as you'd like?)

7.  If you are curious and open to it (as we always are), take advantage of this season to expose your children to other's beliefs, as well.  There is a learning opportunity in everything they see. You may learn a thing or to, as well!  There are a lot of amazing stories and traditions out there!

8. Get cozy!  Buy special Christmas pajamas for your little ones and watch the Polar Express or any other family holiday favorite (click HERE for some great ideas)!  Staying home can be just as memorable, cheaper and more enjoyable than heading out with the crowds.

I hope that you can pull something new to enjoy from this list I've come up with.  Have another suggestion?  Leave a comment below!


  1. This is such a great list of ideas! I love doing Holiday activities with my kids. And your previous ornament craft is super cute (although I seriously worry about the mess!)

    You should link up at How do you do it's new weekly parenting link up!

  2. I love these ideas - and crafting with the kids as so fun. As messy - or not as messy - as you're ready for! :)


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