Friday, December 6, 2013

{Twelve Days of Christmas} Day 6: DIY Ornaments

It's Day 6 of the Twelve Days of Christmas and I'm talking DIY decorations! The first two are not my own ideas, but the last one is.  Keep reading to learn how to make your own photo snow ornament.

I'm hoping a few of you got to see our craft project form last night that I posted on facebook.  There are several tutorials out there (like THIS ONE) if you want to try this simple, kid-friendly ornament idea.  I used a mixture of white paint and Modge Podge for the snowmen and then sprinkled them all with fine, iridescent glitter, because, well, GLITTER!
Although you may think that my favorite part of making this with the boys was going cross-eyed tying tiny scarves of fabric scraps to glue to their snow people, you are wrong.  It was this:
...Painting tiny kid fingers!  The kids' reactions to the paint on their hands were so funny.  They loved 'hugging' the ornaments and creating the tiny snowmen families.  This ornament is perfect for our sweet little family of four, and for grandparent gifts (Nana & Papa with the twins, and Grandma & Grandpa with the twins).  Cute and simple.

Next up, I just HAD to make THESE

Kim over at The TomKat Studio shared this paper photo ornament craft tutorial a few weeks back and I LOVED seeing her creations displayed on her tree.  After finally having family photos taken, I hopped over to her blog post for a refresher and got to work.  I couldn't be happier with the end result.  Sparkly, Christmasy goodness.

Kim's ornaments inspired me to create another photo ornament (that's what that talented girl does, people.  She inspires some serious creativity.)  I am super pleased with what I came up with, but it's the first one, so there are definitely some things I'd change on the next one I make (and there will definitely be next ones!)

First, I printed a favorite black and white photo with the dimensions 3"x 3".  I bought a bunch of these clear, round/flat (think m&m-shaped) plastic ornaments that were on sale at Michaels.

I laid the ornament over my photo and traced the shape of the ornament. (Photo pictured below is actually a bit too small.  Lets pretend it's not for tutorial purposes, ok?)
 I cut the photo to size.  You may have to keep trimming until it looks slightly smaller than the inside of your ornament.
 After I had a round photo, I rolled it up and stuffed it into the ornament.  With my finger, I unrolled it inside the ornament.  You may have to spin the image a bit so it sits even inside its new plastic frame.

 Using a piece of paper rolled into a cone, I dumped some fake, iridescent snowflakes into the ornament; some in front of the photo and some behind.  Not the easiest to photograph with a cell phone, but VOILA!    I'm totally loving it!!
You can add name or year stickers (like the stickers used on the TomKat ornaments), but I just went with a small, subtle bow.  I'd love to see one made for a little girl with a fluffy tulle bow on top!  I think it'd be absolutely adorable!
The main thing I would change is the type of fake snow I use on future photo ornaments.  The one pictured was obviously very static-y and I had to use a tiny paint brush to clear it off the photo.  It dropped off the inside of the ornament with a few good taps, but any movement and the snow was sticking all over again.  I've seen snow "beads" which are a heavier plastic, so those might work better.

**Update:  I replaced the iridescent plastic, static-y snow with with Diamond Dust (finely ground glass by Flora Craft).  Love the results (see below), but ornament is heavier, so be sure to glue top on for added support.

What are you crafting for your home this holiday season?

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  1. I love all the ornaments you made! How fun and personal. Love that your boys reacted so strongly to the paint on their hands. Ha ha ha.

    Thanks for linking up to How do you do it?'s parenting link up!


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