Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{Twelve Days of Christmas} Day 4: Gifts for Guys

Day 4 of the Twelve Days of Christmas is here!  Today is all about that special guy in your life.  I've worked with my husband Dan to bring you some great guy gift ideas in the event that you are struggling to find that perfect little something.  Disclaimer: Dan felt a bit uneasy with the fact that I stopped his man-gift brainstorming before a power tool was added to the list.  Here are some things he would love to find under the tree on Christmas morning.
This Filson Sportsman's Bag is the perfect accessory for that guy that doesn't want to buy another bag or briefcase for the rest of his life.  My husband says, "Buy less, and buy better". If you spend a little more on the quality, chances are you won't need to replace it.  This bag is rugged, heavy-duty and durable.  It's made in the USA and you can't get better than that!

This Alpha Industries Men's N-3B Parka  is incredible.  It's warm, which is a requirement for Buffalo winters, and it's stylish, too.  Do your man a favor and bundle him up in this!

  Have an outdoorsman in your life?  I have a one; my dad.  He managed to get himself and my husband really (and I mean REALLY) into fly fishing this past year.  This  Orvis Orvis Fly Tying Kit Manual would be the perfect addition to some fishing gear or a gift card to their favorite sporting goods store.  Don't you think?

We had a really nice turntable when the boys were little until they destroyed the arm and needle on it.  Curiosity killed the turntable.  It was more expensive to replace the arm and needle on the one we had than to buy a new one, so we junked it.  Never did get a new one.  Maybe Santa will bring us this affordable  Audio Technica Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable and we can pull out the old vinyl again.
My husband is tickled that his boys love Legos.  Wesley will sit and play with them for hours on end, and so will my husband.  Dan is my "density"... and this Lego Back to the Future DeLorean is perfect for the nostalgic Lego lover in your life.
These Ballpoint Wood Pens by Delfonics are Japanese and made of wood.  They are super cool.  There is nothing more to say.

What are you getting for the great guys in your life?  Did they ask for the item specifically, or did you get it on a whim?

(Sorry, no inspiration board today, as the site I was using ate the one I created for this post!)

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  1. Going for the wine aerator this year...sure to be used at least a few times a week! Cheers 🍷


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