Thursday, December 12, 2013

{Twelve Days of Christmas} Day 12: Gifts for Boys

I've saved my most fun post for last.  Day 12 of the Twelve Days of Christmas is Gifts for Boys!   (Sorry girls, but we have boys, here!)   We've already purchased a few things for our little guys, but never limit ourselves to just online, or just the toy stores.  I'm a HUGE fan of consignment shopping and using Craigslist this time of year... which brings me to my first item (click item names for affiliate links.)

This is the GeoTrax Fire Station that  I just scored (along with a handful of other Geo Trax systems) for an amazing deal on Craigslist.  Fisher Price is a hometown company (based in East Aurora, NY) and their toys are total made with quality.  Andrew will be asking Santa for a remote control train, and Wesley LOVES anything fire engine/ambulance-related, so this is the perfect gift for both of them!  Can't wait to see these set up on their train table!
Next up on my list of gifts are books. (Remember yesterday's post?)  Books are sometimes pricey, but this is one thing I don't hesitate to splurge on.  Kids are sponges, and just when you think something won't interest them, they become completely consumed with a story or concept. (Ex:
This little Lewis & Clark gem is my boys' favortie thing to watch at Grandma and Grandpa's house!  They officially know -and care- way more about the explorers than I do.) Here are some fantastic book ideas:

Wesley will sit and play LEGOS (another awesome gift idea) for HOURS, but Andrew is ALWAYS on the move.  These These Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Binocularsare perfect for our little on-the-go explorer.

 Last but not least, I remember seeing my shiny purple 10-speed standing proudly on it's kickstand in front of our tree on Christmas morning 20-some years ago like it was yesterday.  What little kid wouldn't light up with this new Pacific Boy's Bicycle ?  Lucky for us, we have a big driveway and a great bikepath close to our house that the boys love to ride on.

What are your little one's asking Santa to bring them this year?
*affiliate links are used in this post, but always shop around for the best new prices, and I strongly encourage you to be open to the idea of buying second hand goods! Many used toys have lots of life left in them and you can save a few bucks, too!

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