Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Twelve Days of Christmas} Day 11: Holiday Books

Books are a huge hit in our house.  Sometimes I read to the boys while they are eating (and use 'turning the page' as leverage to get them to take another bite), but mostly, we read at bed time.  We read A LOT at bedtime.  As the holidays approach, we've squeezed some festive books in with the usual construction-themed and Richard Scarry books.
Here is a list of personal favorites. Some are colorful and simple enough for small toddlers to enjoy and others are more age approriate for our 4 year olds.
No Two Alike -  I've had this beautiful book on my Amazon sidebar for a while now.  This book not only has beautiful wintery illustrations of nature, but it's also a great book for multiples because it shows that no matter how similar two things may appear, they are Almost, almost, but not quite the same.

Duck & Goose, It's Time for Christmas! -  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Duck and Goose (and of course, Thistle, too!)  This is my all time favorite Duck & Goose story. It highlights all the fun outdoor things to do this time of year. Silly, Goose!

The Polar Express -  A holiday essential overflowing with the magic of Christmas. Personally, I prefer the storybook to the movie, but my boys love them both the same. (Honestly, the characters in the movie look a little creepy to me!)

The Snowman - Love this book (and the movie, and I highlighted this as a go-to HERE on Day 5).  Beautiful illustrations take you on a magical journey with a snowman and a little boy in his pajamas.

Corduroy's Christmas Surprise - We have several holiday-themed Corduroy books and love them all!

Lights of Winter: Winter Celebrations Around the World - This is a great way to introduce you little ones to other cultures and celebrations that happen this time of year.

What special holiday books are you sharing with your children this season?

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