Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tis the Season!

Bring on the layers!
Well, it's finally here...  The most wonderful time of the year.  If I could put my arms down (Bundled-up Randy reference from A Christmas Story) I would practically be able to smell the turkey and taste the sweet cranberry sauce on my tongue.  It's snowing (yay!) and cold enough for that same tongue of mine to freeze to a metal flag pole, but don't worry, ...I'm not planning on being Double Dog Dared anytime soon.

I'm planning a few holiday things here at Double the Giggles (yay, again!), but before diving in (if I have actual time to dive in), I wanted to share a few (blurry) pictures from last weekend's Light Up the Boulevard parade in our town.

Kudos to the troopers that chose to participate in the Reindeer Run; a 1-mile run held before the parade.  The only incentive to run was receiving a light-up Rudolph nose, which I saw earlier that day at a store for $3 cheaper than it was to register in the race.   It was cooooold.  Way to cold to run (but if you ask non-athletic me, 75 degrees is too cold to run, too.)  After the small handful of brave runners went by, the parade started.  Again, it was super cold and the small dusting of snow was swirling and twirling around on the street beneath our feet.  The boys were bundled up for the Yukon and never even realized how cold it was that night.  We all had an absolute blast at the holiday festivities, despite my numb face and fingers (hey, *someone* had to take all the iphone pics, right?)
Dressed for the Yukon
Who brought the crab to the parade? (He was mad that I kept trying to take his picture.)
This is pretty much what the entire parade looked like.  Lights, friendly rosy-cheeked faces and blustering snow. 
The boys stared in wonder throughout the entire parade.  ...or, um, maybe they were just frozen in place?
I was super exited to see Santa at the tail end of the parade!  Perhaps even more
excited than two little 4 year olds I know!
This was our first time at this parade, but the second year it was held in our town.  We all had so much fun and will definitely go again next year!  What holiday events/traditions do you participate in with your family year after year?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

{Etsy} Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Party and Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Party

I have button in place (off to the right, over there >>)  that will magically wisk you away to my etsy shop, but did you know I even *had* and etsy shop?  I know, I know... There's not much in there right now- only two printable party options, but I've sold a handful of them both and love getting orders in!  My favorite is the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom party, as this book is a favorite in our home and this was the theme of Andrew and Wesley's 3rd birthday.  I originally created the Monkeys Jumping on the Bed party for a fellow blogger friend's twin daughters and was thrilled with how it turned out.  I've customized these parties for children of all ages (not just multiples - singletons, too!), and I love coming up with catchy wording for the invites.

I'm always willing to discuss custom orders, so send me an email if you have something specific in mind.  I was thinking of coming up with a few holiday-themed printables like gift tags, return address labels or cookie exchange invites/decorations.

What printables would you like to see in my shop?  Comment below with your ideas!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

{Giveaway} Goodies from Treat

Treat yo self!

Shutterfly has always been very good to me; as a returning customer and as a blogger.   Every year around this time, I've had the opportunity to conduct promotions for them and their sister companies (Treat and Tiny Prints) all while receiving quality product compensation, exceptional customer service and offering my readers AWESOME GIVEAWAYS. ...and you guessed it, they are at it again!

This time, I'm here to rave about Treat, which I'm certainly no stranger to.

Treat’s has a one-to-one holiday card collection and gifts which allow you to individually personalize cards and gifts for those friends and family who are especially close to you.  Have an inside joke?  Treat's got you covered.  (Seriously, you've *got* to know someone that a honey badger card would be just perfect for, right?)
I wasn't joking...
Treat now even offers digital cards! How's that for earth-friendly holiday savings?  Send the same holiday cheer, sans postage and while saving a tree or two  – most cards on the site now have the digital option.  I prefer sending and receiving tangible cards and looking through them from time to time, so I think I'd stick with the paper version myself, but digital cards may be just what some of you historically-non-card-senders have been waiting for (you know who you are)!

Join in on the fun: Treat is having a twitter party on 11/28 at 2PM ET with @ResourcefulMom!  Use the hashtag #TreatCheer to share your creations with others and get some great holiday ideas!

I've saved the best part for last (but I'm sure you totally saw this coming, right?  I mean, the post title does start with the word Giveaway).  Treat has been gracious enough to give away a coffee mug and a set of personal stationery to one SUPER DUPER LUCKY Double the Giggles reader! This could be the perfect gift combo for a teacher, grandparent or just a little something to keep for yourself (No one will judge you if that's what you decide to do! Promise!)  Winner must reside in US and will be selected on 11/23/13.  Enter below!

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post in which product was received, compensated per FTC regulations.  All thoughts of Shutterfly, Treat and Tiny Prints are my own, honest opinions.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wet Pumpkins

You may think they are getting better at picture taking, but this is the best shot out of about 15!
Happy November! Although I didn't get too creative with Halloween costumes this year, the boys LOVED dressing up (especially Wesley, who is OBSESSED with ambulances) and had an absolute blast trick-or-treating with their friends despite the store-bought costumes and torrential downpours.  OK, maybe it wasn't 'torrential', but more of a heavy, annoying mist the soaked us all.  I don't think the kids even noticed.  Glad I took a few cell phone pics before the crummy weather started! (If you saw my facebook post, you know that my good Nikon is on the fritz. Insert huge, frowny face, here.)

We are lucky to have a GYMBOREE outlet near us which has some pretty amazing deals from time to time.   I love to hit it up when they are offering GYMBUCKS (a promotion to earn "cash" to spend at a later date) and I used my GYMBUCKS for these costumes!  I think I ended up paying about $22 total!  What a deal!  If I DIY'ed costumes, most likely, I'd end up going way over that...  and to be quite honest, the only awesome ideas I had were from Arrested Development (a small obsession of mine) and Dan didn't think anyone would 'get it'...especially, our little costume wearing hermanos. (Although, in my defense, I'm sure Wesley would've loved to be painted in blue, but if he was in denim cut-offs, he would've froze out there.  But....my wheels are already turning for next year... I can totally upcycle Andrew's astronaut costume into a prison uniform.  George Bluth, anyone?)  Who have I lost here... anyone?

Sorry.  Tangent, there... Back to our two little pumpkins!  Welsey the EMT, or "ambulance driver" as he likes to refer to it, and Astronaut Andrew!

One of the highlights of my night was when we went to visit the boys' Aunt and Uncle... after receiving loads and loads of candy, the boys both chose to have a granola bar (from "Aunt Donut's" personal food stash) for their evening snack!  Love my healthy eaters!