Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Talk About Hitting the Nail on the Head

Relaxing was so much easier before I had children!
I'm exhausted.

I have been for maybe the past 18 months or so. More so than I ever was when I was up 4 times a night, bottle feeding infant twins.  My husband came across this article and knew I'd find it interesting, and I felt compelled to share with other moms.  Apparently my hubby is able to find time to read not only our local paper, but The Washington Post, too.  Me? I've stil got 4 months of unopened Martha Stewart Living on my nightstand.  I'll get to them eventually (or so I keep telling myself).
Mothers more fatigued than dads..., report finds - The Washinton Post

The article will hopefully open up mens' (and non-parents') eyes to the balancing act we (mothers) undergo every single day.  Organized, I am not, but the mention of planning?  Don't even get me started.... I'd be lost (LOST, I tell you!) without planning, and my faithful family planner.  When my mind is full of so much information about our family's activities, appointments, assignments, swing-shift-work-schedules, etc., it all is laid out clearly in my planner.  No, I don't over plan.  I don't invite the hectic schedule.  We've even held back on signing the boys up for weekily session-type activities due to the need to just keep things as simple and laid back as possible.  Life just happens, and we have busy boys who need to stay active and engaged with some sort of structure. 

The line of this article that really resonnated with me the most was at the end.
Galinsky found that women rarely let themselves fully enjoy their leisure time.

This is so true. So. Stinking. True.  Its really hard for me to leave the tension-ball-of-life at home when we have dinner plans, or a girls night out, or even an out-of-town trip.  Last fall, I was fortunate enough to sneak away for an entire four days to NYC with some girlfriends.  By the time I was able to get my relax on, it was time to pack up and head home.  No, I'm not one of those moms that must know what is happening every second of every hour when I'm not around, motherhood just consumes your mind and heart. It defines who you are, not just to others, but to yourself.

Please note, I am not using this article as a means to support a complaint of any sort.  I have plenty of backup at home.  I'm a lucky girl - my husband is very involved and may have changed more diapers back in the day than I did.  ...and he's defineitly way more tolerable of messy kid-fun like painting, PlayDoh and Legos.  That being said, He's. Not. Mom.

Moms are truly something special.  So if you aren't too tired, read this Washington post article and then go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back today.  Heck, go ahead and treat yourself to some Starbucks, too!  Try really hard to enjoy something just for you.  You deserve it!

So, what are you going to treat yourself to today?  Leave a comment below telling me about it!


  1. I agree! I feel like I am in a hamster wheel most days. I just keep going and going and going......I. Too. Am. Exhausted. But I also would have it any other way....well maybe I would have a cleaning lady.

  2. AMEN Margie! AMEN! I couldn't agree more with this post! :)


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