Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Long Overdue Update

I know, I know... I go through these crazy blogging phases of a post or two a week, and then nothing. Zero...For months...  Sorry, but I've got a lot on my plate. (Preaching to the choir, I know.)  I'm going to get busy, blogging. I swear.  It's been too long and I have lots to say.

Since I've last posted, the boys turned four (F-O-U-R!) and they've started at a new pre-k, 3-day-a-week daycare that is much closer to our home.  (First day of school pics to follow in next post. I promise!)  For those that have been following along with DTG for the past few years, you may have eagerly been awaiting my fourth birthday party post in early September, similar to their Third Birthday post, their Second Birthday post and their First Birthday post.  Other than me sharing a few great pictures on this post, there won't be a Fourth Birthday Party Extraveganza post, mainly because we celebrated with family, and that was it.  No big theme this year, no hoopla, no bells, no whistles, no cakepops (that's right, I said it. NO. CAKE. POPS.) Just our little family, together with our awesome parents, our siblings and their families.  it was a perfect little gathering, and just felt right this year.  I did make my famous (well, I think it should be famous) 3-layered buttercream cake and made some fancy toppers for it (a birthday ambulance for Wesley and a Fire Engine for Andrew), but that was the extent of it.

Here are a cuople of pics, and here's to reading more posts from me (hopefully!) Thanks for staying with me!

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