Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{Coming Soon} Bedroom Updates

In an attempt to tie myself down to finishing decorating the boys' individual bedrooms (it's been a year in the works, people), I thought I'd give a sneak peek of each of their rooms to keep you all in suspense!

We wanted to create their bedrooms around themes they both chose themselves.  In Andrew's case, it was his second choice, because although I'm not one to strongly enforce gender roles, I had to draw the line at a princess room with pink zebra bedsheets. Sorry, kid. The second choice was definitely more palatable and fun to create.

Can you guess the theme for each of their rooms?
Ideas were burning in my brain for Wesley's room!
Andrew's room is out of this world!
Have you separated your twins' bedrooms?  Leave a comment on how you decided to decorate their new digs!

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