Thursday, September 26, 2013

{Book Review} The Birthday Triplets

Reading is a family activity that I always look forward to in our home.  One, because it's a time when we all sit still for a bit and are able to catch our breath, and two,  because the majority of our reading comes at bedtime (every night), which means shortly after going through several books (sometimes several means 10!), it's lights out for the boys and quiet/craft time for me.  Yay!

I was super excited to get the opportunity to review The Birthday Triplets: Grannie Rosie's Amazing Magical Day.  It's a cute story about adorable little triplet sisters who use their triplet magic to brighten up someone's day.  The book is cleverly written by Kelly Tooman and colorfully illustrated by former greeting card designer Lynn Tooman-Cser.

Grannie Rosie has been on many, many magical adventures, but always travels alone.  After a mistake in the kitchen of her "amazing, magnificant, magical, adventure factory", lonely birthday-girl Grannie Rosie is surprised by Coco, Cookie and Candi - the dancing birthday triplets, who give Grannie Rosie a birthday celebration that is incomparable to any of her previous adventures.  Just when Grannie Rosie is sad about nothing turning out right, a perfect party is created in her honor and she now has three new friends to take along on all her future adventures. (Three is WAY better than two or one, right?)

Although my four year old boys may not have completely understood the entire story (like some of the make-believe, whimsical aspects and how anyone could possibly be left alone on their birthday), they sit and listened and asked lots of questions (Yay!  That's why I LOVE reading to them!)   This particular story may be better for 5 and 6 year olds, and some may think it's meant more for little girls than boys, but my boys loved listening to it.  Wesley told me he loved the busy, colorful pictures.  Andrew loved the triplets.  He has a thing for sparkles and flair!  I loved the overall cuteness of the story, and of course, the fact that it's about multiples and not just siblings.  It's a special bond, people...  Gotta love any story that embraces the connection of multiples!

Check it out!

*I received this book for free in return for writing an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

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