Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scissor Slip

Since the boys were tiny, I've given them all of their haircuts.
Well, all but this one.
I'm pretty good at it, too.
Well, I was until two nights ago.
Wesley. My adorably sweet, big blue-eyed, moppy-haired ginger.
What ever did I do to your gorgeous locks?
I'll tell you what I did.  I did things differently.  No chair, no towel wrapped around your shoulders, no electric trimmers.  I just combed your excessively long bangs straight down (not up, like usual) while you were dripping wet, splashing around in the tub.
Then I snipped.
Just a quick trim. No big deal, right?
My poor, sweet Wes.
I'm so sorry.
Daddy didn't put enough gel on your hair yesterday to try to cover up the mistake, did he?
...and this is all Mommy can think about when she sees you grinning ear-to-ear with this goofy new look, you're sporting.
Have I ever mentioned I can't stand Jim Carrey?
Like...I despise him...and most of his movies. 
I will say that he really surprised me with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (one of my all time favorite flicks)and Truman Show, but he didn't have your current hair-do in those.
It's not perfect, but not too awful (right?) when you use half a bottle of gel and blend the short stubble in with the lengthy pieces (please tell me I'm right?!).  I refuse to give you a buzz cut, kid. It'd be a sin to chop the rest of those gorgeous locks!
Fingers crossed that it grows before our pictures in May.
...and toes.
...and eyes.
...and whatever else I can cross!