Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bunny Fest!

You can imagine my lack of hesitation when I read about an Easter-themed tour of a local chocolate factory; Bunny Fest.  I think I had spots reserved for the boys before I even finished reading the article.  Choco Logo.  I didn't even know it was here in Buffalo, but now I do, and all is finally right with 
the world.
During Bunny Fest, this small factory opens their doors to where they make magic happen, and when I say magic, clearly I'm referring to CHOCOLATE.
Several stations were set up for the kids to participate in the magic.  Everyone got to make their own bird nest; warm melted chocolate with toasted coconut, topped with chocolate eggs. Can't go wrong with that.

Wesley totally scored points with me when he decided (on the ride home) that toasted coconut on chocolate wasn't for him.
You're now my favorite, Wesley.  Just kidding.  Maybe.

I could stand here forever too, boys.

After "assisting" with the making of the salted chocolate turtles (see the finished product in the background) the boys took a few minutes (like seven) to eat their chewy creations.
    ...and oh yeah, there was a rabbit face painting station there, too.  Buck teeth, and all.
Yep, another picture of my boys smiling and being unusually comfortable with a giant, creepy, talking rabbit. (Hey Easter Bunny.  If you don't have visible moving mouth-parts, maybe you shouldn't speak.  Just a suggestion.)  Is it too much to ask for a picture of them screaming on Santa's lap or the EB's lap?

This last picture was taken on the way out the door - the sugar had already started to kick in and this is the best we could do.

Stay tuned for one more Easter-related post from our egg hunt this morning...or, maybe I'll just post another photo of the boys grinning from ear to ear next to the Bunny, himself, because you know they didn't hesitate to run right up to him (her?) and give him hugs.

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