Friday, February 15, 2013

Sharing Valentines

Yesterday was the boys' first-ever Valentine exchange.  So that's all we gave.  Just a Valentine.  In my defense, nobody ever told me you're supposed to give a little piece of candy, tattoo, sticker or tiny toy to each of your little school friends.  My bad.  At least all A&W's friends got super cute Valentine monsters, the product of my first real project on my new Silhouette Cameo. (SQUEAL!)

A machine was going to do most of the work, but I wanted to have the boys involved somehow so I decided to have them help me decorate the paper for the back of the cards.  I made some potato stamps with hearts, X's and O's and we went at it.  Wes was all about stamping.  Andrew, not so much.

Can you tell who stamped what?
After the paint dried, I sent the 12x12 sheets through my machine and after some fidgeting with the size settings (there is definitely a learning curve for this machine, and I'm sure it's capable of way more than I know how to do at this point!), the machine did it's thing.

Final product, these adorable monster Valentines!  Sweetness without the cavities! (You're welcome, parents of A&W's classmates!)
Andrew's special Valentine for his brother. 
Wes checks out the monster.  Check out his hand-stamped hearts, X's and O's on the back!

Hope you had a wonderful day with your little loves!


  1. Those are awesome! I have a Cricut, and I don't use it all that often, but I do love the utility. I really need to spend some time learning more about it...I know there's a whole online component that I haven't even touched.

    I am so impressed with your potato stamps, too! What a great way to get the boys involved.

    I'll probably post pictures of the valentines we made, maybe tomorrow. B gave a granola bar (truth be told...leftovers from their birthday party that I didn't use in the favors!); and A gave a little pack of organic fruit snacks. I loved the way they turned out...and hopefully the parents aren't too miffed, since it's not *candy*. ;)

  2. Just want to say that although you DID make them yourself, it's refreshing to see Valentine's that aren't totally over-the-top. All I've been seeing on blogs lately are fancypants personalized cards, complete with a friggin' photo of the kids on 'em. With candy attached, of course. Damn Pinterest! Hopefully this trend will be over before my girls pass them out so I can buy a box of Hello Kitty cards from the Dollar Store & call it a day. ;)

  3. @2littlerosebuds - As awesome as it is, Pinterest has definitely ruined some things...Like teacher gifts... and Valentine's Day cards (not just a photo on some cards, but a professional-taken-just-for-Valentine-distribution-photo!). Damn overachieving moms... Sometimes I go there (see the boys birthday party posts), but once a year of over-and-beyond is more than enough for me.


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