Saturday, February 23, 2013

MOTC Favorites Party (Part I)

Our Mothers of Twins Club of Buffalo has some pretty fun, monthly Mom's Night Outs which entail activities vary from bowling, to ghost walks to grabbing some Mexican food and some beers.  I've even heard mention of karaoke and pole dancing! (What a blast!)  Anyway, last night I attended the annual MOTC Favorites Party.  I've seen these parties around the blogosphere and was really looking forward to it.  If you haven't heard of these, look them up.   You can get quite extravagant with the themes, decorations and gifts if you want, or you can keep it simple.  It all works.  The basic idea is a dollar amount is set and each attendee brings 5 of their "favorite things" to share with the guests that get chosen to receive one of your items.  Everyone leaves with 5 different favorite items of other attendees.

What to buy, what to buy...   Our gift amount was set at $5 per gift (so $25 total for the 5 I'd be handing out), so I had to do some serious thinking.  Some things that I can't live without and consider favorites in my life cost a bit more than that.  Others, much less.   Then I thought really, really hard as to what my tangible oxygen was... what I cannot possibly live without.  If you think I exaggerating, I'm not.  My answer was Starbucks.  For real.  More specifically, a Starbucks Salted Carmel Mocha, decaf, non-fat, no whip, but I can be flexible with the whip.  Yup.  Yum.

Now I couldn't just give gift cards, I had to make them cute.  Cue my new Silhouette Cameo ;)  I love this thing!!!
Brown paper packages, tied up with string...
Ready for coffee cuteness?
Starbucks is one of my favorite things!
(...and so is bakers twine! Love this stuff!)
There's the gift card, tucked away on the back.  Who doesn't need a little caffeine pick-me up.  If you don't drink coffee, grab a muffin or breakfast sandwich.  I've tried most of them and they are delish!
Stay tuned for a re-cap and photos of the party itself.  It was an absolute blast and I'm stronly considering hosting my own (or co-hosting, Robyn!!!)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sharing Valentines

Yesterday was the boys' first-ever Valentine exchange.  So that's all we gave.  Just a Valentine.  In my defense, nobody ever told me you're supposed to give a little piece of candy, tattoo, sticker or tiny toy to each of your little school friends.  My bad.  At least all A&W's friends got super cute Valentine monsters, the product of my first real project on my new Silhouette Cameo. (SQUEAL!)

A machine was going to do most of the work, but I wanted to have the boys involved somehow so I decided to have them help me decorate the paper for the back of the cards.  I made some potato stamps with hearts, X's and O's and we went at it.  Wes was all about stamping.  Andrew, not so much.

Can you tell who stamped what?
After the paint dried, I sent the 12x12 sheets through my machine and after some fidgeting with the size settings (there is definitely a learning curve for this machine, and I'm sure it's capable of way more than I know how to do at this point!), the machine did it's thing.

Final product, these adorable monster Valentines!  Sweetness without the cavities! (You're welcome, parents of A&W's classmates!)
Andrew's special Valentine for his brother. 
Wes checks out the monster.  Check out his hand-stamped hearts, X's and O's on the back!

Hope you had a wonderful day with your little loves!