Friday, January 4, 2013

Time to Update

Amist the hustle and bustle of the month of December, my husband and I came up with the brilliant idea of updating our hideous fireplace and the wall surrounding it (because who wouldn't want to do a mini re-model during the busiest month of the year when you are more than likely to have guests upon guest visiting.)  Now, I LOVE this fireplace and we use it all the time, but the fact that it's off-centered drives me slightly crazy.  Top that with a practically non-existant mantel (it's like 2" deep) and a hideous teracotta/neutrals stone backdrop and I was ready to take a sledge hammer to it on our closing day.  (Oddly, my bff has a thing for geology, and she informed me she loved the stone wall and was going to be sad to see it go).
This is what the scene looked like when we moved in.  I know, I know...blech.
In walks Pinterest.
Although I wanted to hire a mason to completly re-do the area (completely remove ~2.5' of the wall from the left, including a closet on the other side of this wall, and maybe add some subway tile around the fireplace unit), I managed to find many options for working with what we had;  the wall we had, the fireplace we had, and the money we had (...or didn't have.)
Slowly changing the colors in our home from warm neutrals (see the beige-y wall behind Dan in the pic below?) to cooler neutrals, we decided on a color scheme and took a risk doing everything on our own (including painting the entire room to go with the new fireplace wall).  My husband was nervous. Really nervous. He kept telling me (before the primer went on) that once he started, there was no turning back.  I just kept telling him that it couldn't look any worse than it already did.
Dan starting with the primer. No turning back now...

A coat of primer.  A coat of paint.   The wall was done.  Now to tackle the fireplace insert.

We got some high-temperature paint for the fireplace unit and permanently removed some of the facade's decor (I absolutley DESPISE brass). We painted the room's walls and now we are almost finished. We are still on the hunt for the perfect piece of wood to make a new mantel, but I went ahead and decorated our almost completed project (with our almost mantel) anyway.

Here's another shot while I transition out of Christmas mode and into winter mode...

So far, I love what it looks like!  Maybe it's not perfect, but it's WAY better than it was before.

Since the holiday decor came down, there is now a huge pile of wood neatly stacked to the bottom left  and I bought an old window frame to make my winter mantel decoration.  Do you like it?  I LOVE IT!
Stay tuned for a post on our bedroom update (I think I mentioned re-doing it about 2 years ago) and on the boys' rooms.  That's right!  I said ROOMS.  Thats rooms with an S!  We've separated them into their own bedrooms and they are loving it!

What we used:
Primer: Kilz - make sure label says it's ok for masonry
Fireplace high-temp spraypaint: Stove Bright (from local fireplace store), color Charcoal
Fireplace stone wall: Valspar satin finish (from Lowes), color Ston Mason Grey
Walls of room: Valspar satin finish (from Lowes), color Bay Waves


  1. It really looks great!!! And I love your windowframe, too!

    I'm sure that took some guts...but I definitely think it paid off!

    Can't wait to see your other re-do's!

  2. Amazing!! Way better and I can't wait to see what is next! I also have the "re-do or re-vamp" bug going! We start wall construction or destruction this week! Can't wait to see what your doing!!

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