Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quiet Time Once Again

Besides hockey (see my last post), there seems to be a lot of things returning to our lives.  The most exciting for us (yes, even more exciting than Buffalo Sabres hockey) is NAP TIME!

(Happy Dance x's 100!)
We recently separated the boys bedrooms (stay tuned for photos) and things are going way smoother than we expected.  They just turned 3 in September and haven't been napping (in our home, at least) since around 18 months of age.  They desperately needed naps, but they just weren't happening. ...until now.
Apparently, when you are the only kid in a quiet bedroom after lunchtime, it seems that there is only one thing to do. Sleep.  Why didn't we do this separation sooner?
 (Answer: Mom needed a craft room, even though she didn't ever have time to use it.)
Drool all you want on that pillow, kid. Hallelujah, nap time gods!
Hindsight is 20/20, but we are definitely loving our daily 2+ hours of new-found parental freedom.  Whether I'm washing dishes, folding laundry or napping myself, I'm not going to lie...
It's absolutely glorious!
Another exciting thing about the separation is that both rooms are getting major updates.  The spare/craft room is almost complete - it is now a fireman/firetruck-themed room for Wesley.  That's what he asked for so that's what he got.  We're just glad he didn't go with his other obsession... garbage trucks.
Snuggling in his fireman room with with Bob the pink bear, Wes takes an afternoon siesta
with his new "circle pillow and blanket."
The nursery where the twins have both been up until now will soon be getting it's makeover (*sniffle*) into an outer space-themed room for Andrew.  Goodbye baby blue walls, hello planets, aliens and rocket ships!


  1. Yes, I'd love to see a pic of the full room renovations :)


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