Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Innocent Wesley Words

In the van this morning, on my way to work (and to meet Papa with the boys), Wesley said in his saddest, frowniest (is that even a word?) sad voice, "Oh. Mommy look. That flag is sad."
"Why, Wes?" I asked.
"Because there is no wind for the flag," he somberly stated.
In light of the tragedies occurring last month, I'm certain the American flag is heavyhearted for reasons far beyond the lack of wind, but with those horrific events passing through my mind, I couldn't help but smile at Wesley's sweet, sheltered, innocent comment.
Although it's one of the scariest things as a parent, I will do my best to protect my children from all the ugly in this world and to help them be and see all the beauty that still exists.

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