Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Buffalo Hockey is Back!

Go on and judge. What real man doesn't take his choo choo blankie to a national sporting event?
It may appear to others that we reside in an athletic world of letdowns, but if there's one thing Buffalo has besides Superbowl losses and Stanley Cup almosts, it's team spirit.  After months of unsuccessful negotiations and the potential wash of an entire season, an agreement was finally met between the NHL and the Players Association.  Buffalonians, full of hockey hope and desperate for Stanley Cup glory, came out in full force last night for an open practice of our beloved Buffalo Sabres.

Fans in full force, I tell you.
Over 10,000 people.
At a practice game.

Filled with excitement for the short, but non-extinct season, we ventured to the Sabres arena for the first time ever with the boys.  The practice was free to the public (if you don't include the $40 in popcorn, nachos, beer and water we spent) and I wanted to be sure they could sit still long enough before actually spending money on seats for them at an upcoming game.

They. Did. Awesome.

Sure, they were more mesmerized with the 'trombone' (read: zambonie) than the actual game, but their eyes never left the ice.  Andrew even spent part of the game commentating on what he saw happening down on the ice.  Example: "...and then that guy hit it, and then he slipped, and hey look, he's going backwards and now he's going forward, and when is that horn going to blow again?"  (Yes, he said that and then some, all in one breath!)

Now I am not one for football (regardless of team), but I sure love hockey.  I'm excited that our boys did as well as they did and I can see us going to games as a family for years to come.

                                     Let's Go, Buffalo!!

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  1. We are hoping to take our girls to the A-Day game this April, The University of Alabama's spring football exhibition game. I can't wait to see them on campus, and I definitely want to get a read for their enthusiasm before we spend the money and the time on a trip for a real game! :)

    So glad your boys enjoyed it so!


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