Thursday, August 30, 2012

{Party Prep} Almost Three!

I know I've been a completely negligent blogger, but don't think I'd stray from you at Birthday Time.  We have big plans this year as the boys turn 3 (on September 2nd, to be exact), and I actually get to incorporate the color pink into this year's party theme. (*Squeal!*)
I tend to go overboard with the decorating for the boys' birthday. If you don't remember, let me refresh your memory: 1st Birthday & 2nd Birthday
If you follow me on Instagram (gritty49), you probably already know this year's theme, but for now, I'll just leave you with this little peek of what's in store for this Sunday's kid party (yes, you read right, I'm finally having a "kid party!"  ...and I'll give you a hint: the party is based on the boys' favorite "again" book (that's a book that as soon as you finish reading it, one or both of the boys say, "Read it again!")
Handmade initial medallions to slap on top of a cake which I will attempt to make for the 2nd year in a row! These things are HEAVY, hope they don't fall over!

Stay tuned for the third birthday party extraveganza re-cap next week!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Potty Training Twin Boys - It's not twinposibble, afterall!

All undies, all the time.
It's been a while (again).  I say that a lot, don't I?

Twin boys and potty training. Ugh.  I was seriously starting to think that my little Drew and Dubs would each be hauling a diaper bag off to college, (preferably a paid-for-by-two-full-scholarships sort of college).  We started getting them both familiar with the concept of using a potty around 18 months and we are just now reaping the benefits of not buying diapers and Desitin just weeks away from their turd birthday. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

By getting familiar with, I mean with potty books and the actual potty (read: 47 potties):  The adult potty, the toddler potty, the tiny seat that goes on the big potty, portable seats, outside in nature (yes, I have boys), everything. You name it, we have it. I swear, I have at least 7 potties in addition to the two that came bolted to the floor of our house.  We've tried them all.  What ended up working?  The permanent fixtures in the house. That's right. You turd me.  (Now that one was just too easy).

Andrew was first to succeed, but what we didn't know (18 months ago) was that we just had to wait until HE was ready...  I wouldn't believe this unless it actually happened.  And it did.  Andrew decided for us when it would happen all on his own.  About 18 months of on and off, very stressful "trying to potty train" and one day, out of the blue, the kid just decided "today is the day."  It was wonderful. (Insert angelic voices, here).

Throughout this adventure, I've learned how difficult it is to have a mom (and/or dad), second sibling and three dogs all in a tiny bathroom at the same time.  Distraction, distraction, distraction.  I decided to weigh my efforts more towards the child that seemed to have the hang of it instead of trying to train both at once. WAY EASIER, and Wesley wasn't jealous  at all, (Just like his daddy, not an ounce of competitiveness).  We always called him in after to help us wave 'bye-bye' to our flushable friend(s), but one at a time was the way to go for us.  Give this a try if your are struggling with two at once.

Wesley is now (finally) getting the hang of things, but that 'light switch' hasn't been flicked quite yet.  We are in the constantly-reminding-him-to-stay-clean-and-dry phase, and sometimes he'd rather continue to play then take a needed potty break.  That being said, I'm refusing to buy any more diapers and still have a brand new pack that I'm not planning on busting open any time soon.  All undies, all the time. (Pull-Ups at night, but that's a whole other can of worms).  Now that I see how things went with Andrew, I'm trying to stay as positive as possible with Wesley, even though their approaches to the concept are different.  When an accident happens, I have him remove his clothes and after he visits the potty, he helps me clean the area he messed in.  No yelling, no judgements, just matter-of-factly.  You made this mess, kid... you clean it.

There is hope out there. We didn't find hope in a toddler potty, or by using Cheerios as targets.  We found it by sitting backwards, "making as many bubbles as possible" and by categorizing the end product, (Ex: "Wow! You made a dinosaur/crocodile/daddy-{yes, daddy}-sized poop!")  ...and a sticker or M&M work well, if you're into bribery!  Do some research for new and fun ideas if the ones you are trying aren't working.

Hang in there.   I truly think we give them the guidance they need, but it is up to them when it happens.  Stay positive (so diffucult, but sooo important), be prepared to do some extra laundry and buy stock in Lysol wipes.  The day will come when they are ready for it and you'll be their biggest cheerleader.