Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26th

Back to the grind today, but the feeling that comes with the holidays is not gone just yet.  While I'm hanging on to the cheeriness of the season for as long as I can, I just wanted to share a picture from one of my favorite moments this December.   It captures a moment that makes me smile (on my face, and in my heart) everytime I see it:
We went to a holiday event downtown at Buffalo's Canalside - A once-forgotten-and-abandoned-but-now-ever-changing-for-the-better spot located right on the inner harbor of Lake Erie/Niagara River.  There were all sorts of crafts for the kiddos to make, and that included a do-it-yourself snowglobe.  I LOVE that Wesley chose twin Santa's for his (much to the Snowglobe Table Coordinator's dismay).  Nana may have been responsible for the extra snow/glitter (Thanks Ma!  Everyone needs a little extra sparkle!), but Wes picked his identical twin snowglobe fillers, himself.
Sadly, one of the Santas is now floating, (you'd think with all my years of crafting, I'd have this gluegun thing down pat by now...), but I will keep this little snowglobe til the sparkly snowflakes stop swirling about inside ;)
Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Such a sweet sentiment! Don't you think everyone needs a twin??? Even Santa!!! ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful celebration with your family! And hooray for holding onto that holiday spirit for as long as we can. :)


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