Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Visit with Santa

When I saw Santa from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade being interviewed on the local news channel early yesterday morning, I knew we had to see him.  Santa would be in town for just one night, because as we all know, he is very, very busy this time of year.  His stop in Buffalo was more than just a normal visit.  He was here to collect as many 'letters to Santa' as he could, and for every letter he collected, Macy's would donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. What a wonderful Claus.  Er... cause.

I found a cute free printable letter form online and had each of the boys sit with me and fill in the blanks.  We rolled up our letters, tied a festive striped ribbon around them and headed on our way.  I knew the line would be long, so we tried to get there early.  I just didn't realize the cold weather and slippery roads would slow everything down.

After a loooonger than usual car ride with Grandma and the boys' cousin, we finally arrived at the mall, minutes before Santa's arrival.  We found our place in line and the Big Man in Red soon came down the escalator, escorted by two adorable elves.

Next, Santa called all of the children over to read The Night before Christmas and then we all lined back up to wait our turn to see him up close.

I was impressed at how quickly things moved along. Every child got to get their photo with Santa and then put their letter in his big red mailbox.  There was no sitting on his lap for minutes trying to nervously remember what you wanted to tell him.  It was the perfect set up for the crowd that it brought in...and to top it off, Santa was absolutely beautiful.  His beard was perfect, his belly was perfect and his outfit was perfect.   Even his Ho Ho Hos were perfect.  (I have a thing for only visiting quintessential Santas.)

Macy's gave all the children little holiday ducks, pins and coloring books with crayons.  After we collected our goodies, Wesley ran back over to Santa, dodging the elves (who tried to stop him) and sadly photo-bombing some other child's photo (oops, sorry!).  I saw him quickly say something and then an elf directed him back over to me.

On the car ride home,  we discussed the exciting event and I asked Wesley what he told Santa when he ran back. (Wes is our sweet, shy twin, so his confidence when he took off was surprising).  He told me he had to run back to tell Santa that he was a good boy.  So cute.
Let the holiday season commence!

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  1. So glad you got to see your Santa! :) And how adorable that Wes ran back with that very important message. That's one for the family history books, I imagine. ;)


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