Sunday, November 25, 2012

DIY Christmas Countdown

Remember my Counting the Days post last week?  I showed some adorable chevron bags and mentioned creating an Christmas Countdown, or Advent calendar of sorts.  I'm happy to report, Mission (finally) Accomplished!  With me pinning some of my posts on Pinterest, I thought I'd not only show the finished product, but a step-by-step tutorial so you could make one of your own, or something similar.

Step One: Get some adorable bags, envelopes or whatever that you can tuck something special inside.  I plan to put tiny candies, stickers, temporary tattoos, special messages, and special holiday-related task into ours.  I used these adorably sweet, medium-sized red and green chevron favor bags from The TomKat Studio.  These ~5x7" bags are simply the perfect size for the treasures I've just mentioned.

Step Two:  Cut numbers (mine came from a friend's Cricuit, but you can easily print and cut your own, or even just write the numbers).   I also cut circles in black and white.  The black circles were 4" and the white were 3.75" in diameter (Remember, my bags were 5" wide).  I'm currently not speaking to my Martha Stuart circle cutter.  If you saw my hands, you'd know why.

Step Three:  This step is optional, but what girl doesn't love a little glitter?  (Especially one living with 3 boys!)  Using a glue pen, I tediously put glue on each number and sprinkled on glitter.  Big. Gorgeously Festive. Red. Glitter.

Step Four:  Mount the white circles onto the black using good ol' Tacky Glue and once dry, glue them onto your bag.  Then, (using a toothpick to apply, if needed), glue your sparkly numbers onto the bags.

Step Five: Fill bags with item of choice.   I'm not making every day a "goodie" or "gift" day.  Some bags will just have something nice about remembering the spirit of Christmas, or even a holiday task to complete (ex:  Call Nana and sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to her.)  Some bags might even have a scavenger-type clue or hint, leading us all to a family holiday event.

Step Six: Attach bags to a ribbon, framed cork board or do what I did... I found teeny-tiny clothespins at the craft store and clipped the bags to some evergreen garland in my dining room.   

Step Seven: Instagram your finished product to brag about how crafty you are! (Hehe!)

...and here it is!  A home-made Christmas countdown!   I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how this turned out, and the best thing is, we can re-use it year after year.   We are making a new family tradition, here! Maybe next year I'll hang it a bit lower, but my 3 year old twins are still in the touch-everything-and tear-it-to-shreds phase.

How do you and your children count down the days until Christmas?  Leave your comments below.


  1. Those are super cute! And I love them hanging on the garland!

    And your new header photo is stunning. :) :)

    I just posted my Advent ideas yesterday. I have some heavy-duty crafting to do in the next 5 days! ;)


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