Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Counting Down the Days!

I ordered these adorable (seriously, how adorable are these!) red and green chevron favor bags from my childhood bestie over at The TomKat Studio a few months back in anticipation for a Christmas countdown of some sort and am tickled to finally be starting my project! Last year, I had the boys decorate papers, we cut them into strips and then they each made their own chain...the 25 links until Chrismas sort of chain. I'm changing it up this year with these sweet little goodie bags.
I've cut and mounted black and white circles on the bags and am having my friend Robyn over at Robyn's Little Nest  Cricut-cut me some fancy numbers (...and maybe, just maybe Santa will bring me my own Cricut so I won't have to bug her again!)  I'm thinking of adding some sparkles to the numbers before mounting them on the bags.  Then... well, then I have two different ideas that I need *your* help with!
(Pretty please!)
Should I:
1.) Make an adorable banner using ribbon to hang the numbered bags.  I'll hide goodies (stickers, m&m's, special notes, special tasks or scavenger-type messages) in each bag as we count down the days until Christmas...
2.) Before we know it, Elfie will making her grand return to our home (that is, if we didn't permanently scare her away last year!)  I'm thinking maybe she can bring a bag each day (so we would be counting up instead of down).  I'm just going to have to remember to help her find a new spot each morning before the boys see her.  Elfie kind of got lazy last year and picked a new spot in our house every four or five days. Oops!
I love the Elfie idea, but think we can utilize this project as more of a "decoration" if it is strung up for everyone to see.
Stay tuned for the completed  project, but in the meantime, which idea would you go with?  A festive banner, or our "Elfie" on the Shelf bringing a bag a day? Please leave your thoughts below!

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  1. I'd got with festive banner. Those bags are too cute not to display!


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