Saturday, October 20, 2012

{The Lorax} Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Although I bought adorable berber fleece Pooh and Eeyore Halloween costumes at a recent consignment sale (for an amazingly sweet deal), I also wanted to create costumes for the boys that they would love. Sure, they like Pooh and Eeyore, but they don't LOVE Pooh and Eeyore... and I'm not really a fan of characters, per say... Characters, schmaracters. I could almost smell the argument over who would get to be Lightening McQueen and who would be Mater if I actually let them choose who they really wanted to dress up as.

Insert crafty mom, here.

I decided to come up with an idea myself (based on something I *KNOW* they love), and make them love it as much as I did (does that make me a bad mom?) Anyway, it worked. I broke my 'no character' rule a bit, but I'm tickled with the results. Simple, easy, and cheap! We used some of what we had, and I spent less than $20 total for both costumes (Gotta love those craft store 50% and 60% coupons!). The fuschia boa (60% off) was the most expensive thing at a little over $5.00! Add some hot glue, some feathers and some felt and VOILA! The Lorax and a Truffula Tree! I love the costumes, and they love
them, too!

 We'll discuss Andrew's obsession with pink in another post! Oy....


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