Friday, October 12, 2012


Updated pic of the boys, taken with my most recent freebie app from Starbucks, PocketBooth.  So cool! 

*Squeel!*  My blog just hit 50,000 views!  Now, I may be letting you in on just how much of a nerd I really am, but I think that is the coolest thing, ever! (Well, besides volcanoes.  I think those are pretty rad, too.)

Pinterest.  I have Pinterest to partially thank.  You see, I've been pinning some of my posts to make it easier for someone (who wouldn't normally come across DTG) to find what they might be looking for. The latest post of interest is my Halloween Costumes post.  ...and can you guess which photo/post gets the most re-pins?   The hairy Hooters girl pic! Imagine that!

I also have YOU to thank.  My loyal followers. (Can you feel the love?!) The ones who always read and comment on my posts, even though my posts show up once every six months (determined to fix that).  This blogging world of mom's-of-mulitples has been a life saver for me.   Please know that although I may not post often, I am always reading what YOU have to say and I'm truly grateful you like to read what I have to say, as well.

Anyway, here are some updates about what's going on here. As fall settles in, I've started challenging myself to several new things:

The first is Reading. I've joined a book club with some local gals and am forcing myself to get through at least the first book before bailing.  I despise reading (sad, I know), so this is not the easiest task for me.  I lack focus and concentration, and when I can actually get through a book, I'm always disappointed at the ending (never fails.) Good news is that our meeting is a week and a half away and I'm over half way through our selected book.  Go me!

Meeting People: After hemming and hawing it over (MOPS wasn't a real good fit for me), I've finally joined our local Mothers of Twins Club and am looking forward to the year ahead.  I already know a few of the girls and we had a great time at the last meeting (even if we were confused half the time and giggling a lot).  For some reason, I'm feeling the need to add more women into my life who understand both the ups and downs of parenting.  The "twin" thing is definitely unique, and it's good to have a circle of twin (and triplet!) moms to bounce ideas off of, vent to, and laugh with.  I'll try to keep updating you all on how that is going (*see next challenge.)

Another challenge I'm giving myself is blogging more frequently.  I've said this 100 times before, but I'm determined to make time for it again.  It seems as though things with the boys are busier than ever these days.  It's not that we are constantly scheduled to do things, it's that they are 150mph, for the 14 hours they are awake and they never seem to slow down.  I always have to be "on" with them. I need a nap.  Really badly!  Anyway, I'd like to get back into the blogging world.  For starters, I asked a friend (and fellow twin momma) if I could guest post on her blog.  If someone else is involved, I'll feel more obligated to complete it, right?  I think so! (I hope so!!)

Hey! One more thing.  (The most important thing, if you ask me!) Stay tuned for a BIG GIVEAWAY in my next post!  I'm super excited!!


  1. GO GIRL!!! So happy to see your commitment! Looking forward to the guest blog AND to what else you have instore! I am sooooooo in for the giveaway! Maybe I can feature your giveaway??! being the most confused pair in the room. Some much needed giggling! ;OP

  2. So exciting, I look at my page views also, wondering where all the people are that care about my life. I want to join a Mothers of Multiples Club but the closest one to me is a good 2 hour drive and really I do not have the time.


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