Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{Party} Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 3rd Birthday Bash

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Invitation
Skit Skat Skoodle Doot. Flip Flop Flee.
Wesley & Andrew just turned THREE!

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Three years old!  I can't believe my babies are three already. No crying in this post, though (I did enough of that Sunday night after all the birthday hulabaloo was over, did I mention my "babies" are THREE? *sniffle, sniffle*)

This year we did a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom party!  Seriously fun!  I mentioned last week that the party's theme was based on the boys' favorite "again" book, meaning we've read it at least 436,728 times (every time I finish, they just keep saying"Again!")  Seriously.  I don't even need to read the words anymore.  They are forever embedded in my brain.

I admit, this party took a while to create.  I spent weeks gathering things here and there, and brainstorming clever ideas for food and decorations.  Then spent a good chunk of time (when the boys were in bed for the night) designing, decorating and baking...yes, I made everything myself, with the exception of the cut-out-letters (thanks mom!) and the royal icing cookies.  More about those cookies later ;)

I attempted to create the party under a coconut tree (aka 46 yards of green tulle stapled to my ceiling) and had a table full of sweets for the kids to enjoy after a little lunch.  I even got to use pink in the decor (along with every other color of the rainbow, but hey, it's not often a momma to twin boys gets to talk about pink, so I'm going to highlight it here!)
The ceiling looked way better than this pic, I swear.   Even if my pom "coconuts" looked more like pine cones.  Letters were dangling everywhere. Super cute!

Here are the birthday boys in custom letter tees that I made for the special day.  I initially wanted to make letter shirts for all the kids and send them out with the invites, but I knew I had to keep costs low and had limited time.  No worries, everyone showed up in their Chicka Chicka Boom Boom best for the event, anyway! 

Inspired by the the books' illustrations, I designed the brightly colored invitation and cupcake toppers/party circles and then got to work thinking of appropriately named foods to serve at the party.  Read on... I came up with some doozies!

Here is the dessert table!   I scattered magnetic alphabet letters all over the place to fill in the table and there were bright colors EVERYWHERE!

Cookie Cookie Boom Boom. I was going to attempt to make these myself, but, c'mon...  Who was I kidding?  They turned out absolutley beautiful, thanks to the COOKIExCHANGE.  Their tagline is: Forget Love. Lets Fall In Sugar.    ...Challenge accepted.  

A tropical looking faux plant with a tin base made the perfect mini coconut tree accent, complete with letter magnets!

Wiggle Jiggle Juice with adorable striped straws, courtesy of the amazing, inspiring Kim from The TomKat Studio.

Onto the cake!  One word... YUM.  I made this three layer puppy and the (crazy big) letter medallions on top.   The sprinkles were a sad attempt at something gorgeous I found on Pinterest...  sadly, my sprinkle job looks nothing like what I was aiming for, but it still tasted amazing and the leftovers didn't last long.

L-M-N-O-P Pops!   This is the first time my cake pops actually turned out good!  The trick is making the balls smaller than you think you should, then freeze the balls for at least 30 minutes before dipping  ...and add some shortening to the chocolate to thin it out.  There you have it.  Cake Pops. Boom.

Alley Oop Oreos.  You heard me.

Chicka Chicka Cupcakes. You know you want one.

Dare Double Dare Dip (I told you I came up with some doozies!) and PB&J (of course) sandwiches were served to guests on a brightly colored table.

See what I mean? Brightly colored.  Love it!

Favors were made out of these cool candy tubes from The TomKat Studio's shop.  I filled them with brown M&M's, and used craft foam and a glue gun to create palm leaves and a moon.  Foam letter stickers spelled each childs' name.  Full Moon Favors... too cute.   You'll see these with some smiling faces further down...

We sang "Happy Birthday" twice.  First for Wesley (because he was born first), and he sang along with us with a big smile on his face.  He blew out the candles like a pro - you think he's been doing this for years (like 3 years...) or something.

Andrew was a little overwhelmed with his song, and sat wide-eyed until we finished... Then just like his brother, he blew out all three candles with a few good puffs.  This ain't his first rodeo...

After eating dessert, all the kids went out back to play.  I always like to get shots of the boys and their friends together, but its always next to impossible.   You can never get everyone to stand still in the same spot. We fixed that... We quickly found the first letter to all the kids names and passed them out.  They all loved lining up and holding up their letters!  So cute! (Pardon the partial nudity on Wes... it was his birthday, after all.)

As the kids went home, they took their Full Moon Favors with them. More sugar! Yeah!
(Sorry Moms and Dads.)
Here are some of the party guests at the end of the day...

They boys had a great time playing with all their little friends, and it was so cute to see them all stuffing their faces with desserts and then burning off the sweet, sugary treats by running around in our backyard all afternoon.  Thanks to all who came to celebrate this special third birthday!! 


(Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was written by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault, and illustrated by Lois Ehlert - Thanks for creating such a fun, rhythmic story for my babies to love and learn from!)

...and special thanks goes to The TomKat Studio (Thanks Kim and Mrs. B!) for sending some serious TomKat love our way!   Whatever goodies you don't see here will be used for our Christmas party!  Get some of TomKat's 36" balloons for your next party - your kiddos will LOVE them (and your guests will know exactly where the party is!!)