Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello, Old friend...

Just when you though I had disappeared from the blogworld, I show up unannounced ;)
Things are busy here.
Extrememly busy.
I have two little boys that suck every last ounce of energy out of me, but I'm not complaining.
Their bedtime is 10 minutes before mine.
For real.
...But being busy is what I like.
It's how I function best.
It's how we function best.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy Mother's Day!  I also think I should probably update you on my little guys.  Two and a half (and change) and loving life at 150mph.   They love Legos, trains (preferably real ones over toy ones), books, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Papa's boat, their blankets and pink teddy bears (yep, still hanging on to those pink bears).  Still not fans of the potty, yet (*sigh*), but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they become fans before they turn three.

BTW - pics like this don't just happen. Ever.   (Why?  Because my boys don't sit still. Ever.) There were some serious mini M&M's exchanged for this adorable photograph!


  1. Happy Mothers Day to you!! at 2 and a half i can only imagine, i will be there soon enough! My boys are now 9 months old, and everyday its something new...from climbing stairs onto now climbing the baby gate. really?! i love this picture, and condone bribery 110%!!

  2. I love this picture and I like the m&m story. I can not wait until I get overwhelmed when I try to get my babies pictures taken (yes you can remind me of this statement when I'm crying in my blog that I can not get a decent picture of all three of them).

  3. Nice to see you! And how handsome - and BIG - your boys look! Hope you're doing well, and hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day!

  4. Worth pounds of M&Ms! How incredibly precious! :)


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