Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.  May 2012 bring you prosperity and much happiness.
Margie, Dan, Wesley and Andrew

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photos with Santa/Build-A-Bear

Here it is, folks!
The yearly Santa Claus visit, captured on cheap photo paper, yet costing a rediculous amount of money.
I thought this would definitely be the year for the 'kids screaming on Santa's lap' photo, (and I'm not going to lie, I kinda really want one of those pictures just to look back and laugh at years down the road), but I was totally wrong.  I thought exposure was the key in the boys not feeling intimidated by the Big Guy in Red, and as it turns out, they were all smiles for every Santa we saw this season.
Every. Single. One.
All 6 of them.
This photo was Santa visit number 5, but Santa #1 and #5 out of 6 (meaning we saw him on 2 different occasions.)  He was my favorite (pretty, authentic and so good with the boys), but the first time we visited him, I tried to cheap-out and use my cell to take a picture, which  wasn't allowed on "the set", hence the blurry images were captured from far away.

In defence of my cheapness, we had just finished up spending lots of "green" at Build-A-Bear, where the boys each chose a pink teddy bear.
Not a bears.
And there's more.  Wesley named his bear BOB.
Funny? Indeed.
What's even funnier?
I'll tell you...
Andrew named his pink bear, (oh, so appropriately) GREEN.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Half-Naked Tree

Just  like that little Charlie Brown Christmas tree, you almost can't help but feel sorry for our Christmas tree this year.   I tried putting what I thought were non-breakable ornaments at the bottom for the boys to enjoy, but soon found out that even non-breakable stuff breaks.  And to add insult to injury, the dogs chewed the bottom strand of lights beyond repair, so after several years of re-wiring, replacement bulbs and electrical tape, the strand of lights was finally removed.
Soo...This is what a Christmas tree looks like in a house with two 2-year-old boys and three nutty dogs.  Sorry Christmas tree, maybe next year you'll be better dressed!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Elfie" on the Shelf

This is going to be a very exciting Christmas.  The boys are talking up a storm and now are starting to really understand what all the holiday hustle and bustle is about.  Before I was even pregnant, I bought The Elf on the Shelf at a local card shop for 75% off after the holidays one year.   My mom swears I paid more for it, but I'm certain I got it dirt cheap.  I brought it out last year, but the boys were more fascinated with tearing paper than behaving for an alleged helper of Santa Claus.
This year, though, things are different.   They know who Santa is and that he brings presents to GOOD girls and boys.  We watched the Elf on the Shelf special a few times, and I think they "get it".

Insert "generic Elf with wimpy felt body" here....

This thing has total vintage cuteness, yet is creepy at the same time...  How can that be?   Anyway, I had plans... big plans...  There's not much this momma can't do with a little sequins, sparkles and a hot glue gun ;)

Our Elf got a girlie makeover!
Why should I be the only chick in the house?

For less than $5, I used what I had around the house (and a few purchased goodies) to give this Elf an extreme makeover (and shoes, because what girl doesn't want a new pair of shoes!)
I love the outcome!
The Elf made her debut the very next day - the boys LOVED her!   I was very excited about naming our new visitor from the North Pole, but Andrew was just concerned about not being able to give her a high-five (wouldn't want to take away her magic by touching her, now would we?)
So, for now, we call her "Elfie".  Cute, but I'm hoping we can be a bit more creative next year with the name.   I do love hearing, "Elfie is watching" from both of the boys.   They know she is on a special mission and required to report back to Santa all she sees (naughty and nice!)  It's working.... and she might just stick around our house well past Christmas!

Stay tuned for more holiday excitement from the P house!