Thursday, November 17, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Holiday Photos

I mentioned last week at the end of my Shutterfly plug that we were having our pictures taken last weekend.  I've only seen five of the pictures so far, but I couldn't be happier with the results.  I think we (and by "we", I mean the twins) shocked the photographer with how active "we" were.  She was great with the boys and I'm thinking she got some really beautiful pictures (muddy knees, and all).   She created a few holiday 'sets' at a campground near our home... Think little log cabins in the woods, rocking chairs, pine cones, ornaments and Christmas lights.  It looked so homey and inviting.  I loved it.
Here are some of the photos she shared. Stay tuned for more ;)

I told you.  They're so handsome, aren't they? Now I just need to be patient and wait for the rest, and then pick out the winning photo that makes our family Christmas card this year.  (...and maybe a new blog header?)


  1. Those are gorgeous pictures!!!

    We have the girls' "formal" Christmas pictures today, and then we're doing some family pics with another photographer on Saturday. I will probably need medication after it's all over...there's hardly anything more stressful for me! HA!

    Hope ours turn out as good as yours!

  2. Oh, I really love these! Love that they aren't "posed" (not that you can really "pose" toddlers for more than like 2.3 seconds anyway :))

    Your post has reminded me that I must get our Christmas cards ordered. I'm determined to be completely done with Christmas before December 1st. We'll see..... :)


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