Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nursery Dutch Door: Pros vs. Cons

The Dutch Door...
Looks great and super convenient during the infancy stage - it was so simple to peek in on the boys while they were napping without the dogs charging into their room, possible waking them up.
We are out of the infancy stage and on to the full-blown monkey phase.
Maybe it's time to go back to a solid door.


  1. Before our girls were born, we had a window cut into the nursery door. It's actually an outside window, complete with screen, and it works great. I keep the window up most of the time, but close it during nap time to keep the house noise down for the girls.

    I had wanted a Dutch door like that, but Hubby insisted on a window. Seeing you picture, I'll be glad the girls haven't figured out how to take the screen out...HA!

  2. I have long thought a dutch door was a great idea for a kid's room.....your pic is proof to me that it is not worth it with twin boys....I will have to find something else to contain my two!


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