Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toddler Bed Trials

The toddler beds seem to be working well.  The transition for Andrew and Wesley from crib to bed was way better than I imagined it would be.  Nighttime is almost always a success, with only the occasional,  "Get in your beddie!" stated firmly through a slightley cracked-open door.
Cue giggling, and running to said 'beddie' x's two.

Naptime is not so much a struggle, as it is ...endangered?  Does that make sense?  Some days they nap wonderfully, but most days the nap is non-existant.  Oh, they go into their room, but the nap, well, it doesn't usually happen.  Yes, they have emptied their dresser drawers numerous times and cleared off their bookshelves more times than I can count, but even if they don't sleep during naptime, at least they have some quiet time (and so does Momma).

The past few afternoons the boys have pleasantly surprised me.    In for a nap, and within 20 minutes, SIILENCE.  Perhaps we're getting the hang of things? Nope. Not quite.  Here is what I found while tiptoeing into their room during naptime to cover them up.
Sleeping, yes.
Sleeping in the toddler beds?  Nah.
Adorable? Absolutely.

Snoozing so close to each other on the floor.  I love this one!
Glad I vaccuumed!
Almost, boys, but we do actually have a bed for each of you!


  1. They are so sweet. My boys have been crawling in each others crib to sleep at night. I guess it is time to buy them big boy beds.

  2. That is wonderful!

    My twinnies gave up their naps when they went into beds (we also put them into the same room at that time). I still have "quiet time" from 1-2pm because Mama needs a break, but I let them watch TV or play quietly. Sarah gave up her naps at about 2.5 yrs old. Once in a while, I will get lucky and she will fall asleep in the afternoon. Once in a LONG while...

  3. This kids are cute. Sleeping together in their wonderful beds.

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