Thursday, May 26, 2011

{In the Works} Playroom

Just ordered this awesome wall decal from OffTheWallExpression on etsy! Couldn't have said it better, myself!
Ever get the feeling that your kids are taking over your house?  I think I first felt this when I had to surgically remove a tiny Lego that was embedded in my heel.  (I'm exaggerating, but only a little.)  The twins knew exactly where they had placed it.  Unfortunatley, at 4:45 am when I got up in the dark to let the dogs out, I did not.  Next, there was the matchbox car next to my dinner plate, followed by random torn scraps from pop-up books left scattered on my family room floor.

Enough was enough.
Time for a playroom.
Even if it meant giving up my brightly lit craft room, cuz lets face it; who has time to craft when you are chasing  two 20 month old boys around?

The playroom is not entirely complete yet, but my house is clean...*ahem*...cleaner.  Lets just say the toys are all mostly confined to one area... and I'm loving it.   A fresh coat of paint, and some creative decorations and it'll be finished.  I will share photos when that day comes.  I just have to find the perfect shade for 3 of the 4 walls.  What about the 4th wall, you ask?  Chalkboard paint, of course!

**The photo credit above goes to Off The Wall Expressions on  I totally laughed my face off the first time I saw it and HAD to have it for the playroom!!


  1. Thanks for ordering our 'Boy with noise' decal! I remember the days of legos under my feet! 'Looking forward to seeing the pictures!'

  2. Love, love, LOVE that decal!!! Too funny!

  3. Oh my...I NEED that decal! It's perfect!


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