Thursday, May 26, 2011

{In the Works} Playroom

Just ordered this awesome wall decal from OffTheWallExpression on etsy! Couldn't have said it better, myself!
Ever get the feeling that your kids are taking over your house?  I think I first felt this when I had to surgically remove a tiny Lego that was embedded in my heel.  (I'm exaggerating, but only a little.)  The twins knew exactly where they had placed it.  Unfortunatley, at 4:45 am when I got up in the dark to let the dogs out, I did not.  Next, there was the matchbox car next to my dinner plate, followed by random torn scraps from pop-up books left scattered on my family room floor.

Enough was enough.
Time for a playroom.
Even if it meant giving up my brightly lit craft room, cuz lets face it; who has time to craft when you are chasing  two 20 month old boys around?

The playroom is not entirely complete yet, but my house is clean...*ahem*...cleaner.  Lets just say the toys are all mostly confined to one area... and I'm loving it.   A fresh coat of paint, and some creative decorations and it'll be finished.  I will share photos when that day comes.  I just have to find the perfect shade for 3 of the 4 walls.  What about the 4th wall, you ask?  Chalkboard paint, of course!

**The photo credit above goes to Off The Wall Expressions on  I totally laughed my face off the first time I saw it and HAD to have it for the playroom!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toddler Bed Trials

The toddler beds seem to be working well.  The transition for Andrew and Wesley from crib to bed was way better than I imagined it would be.  Nighttime is almost always a success, with only the occasional,  "Get in your beddie!" stated firmly through a slightley cracked-open door.
Cue giggling, and running to said 'beddie' x's two.

Naptime is not so much a struggle, as it is ...endangered?  Does that make sense?  Some days they nap wonderfully, but most days the nap is non-existant.  Oh, they go into their room, but the nap, well, it doesn't usually happen.  Yes, they have emptied their dresser drawers numerous times and cleared off their bookshelves more times than I can count, but even if they don't sleep during naptime, at least they have some quiet time (and so does Momma).

The past few afternoons the boys have pleasantly surprised me.    In for a nap, and within 20 minutes, SIILENCE.  Perhaps we're getting the hang of things? Nope. Not quite.  Here is what I found while tiptoeing into their room during naptime to cover them up.
Sleeping, yes.
Sleeping in the toddler beds?  Nah.
Adorable? Absolutely.

Snoozing so close to each other on the floor.  I love this one!
Glad I vaccuumed!
Almost, boys, but we do actually have a bed for each of you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thanks, Mom.

It's so much fun going through old photos.
Like, ridiculously fun for a photo-crazy girl like myself.
It's even more fun when the photos aren't yours, but are of people you love.
Perhaps taken before you were even born.
Such is the case with these beautiful photos of my beautiful mom.
She's still just as beautiful.
Inside and out.
My Mom, Linda, circa '71.

 Lookin' good, Linnie!
Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
Thanks for all you do. ...for me, Dan and the boys.
We love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know, and if I can be just half the mother that you are, then I think I'll be doing a pretty good job.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers out there!