Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recycle, Reuse, Make Cash!

For the past few weeks, I have been very busy during the boys naps and after their bedtime.
Busy washing, sorting, scrubbing, hanging, ironing and tagging.
My bff got me hooked on participating in a huge children's consignment sale twice a year.
This was my second sale.
I'm not going to lie, it's a lot of work to prepare for, but if you're done using your childrens' stuff (bottles, clothes, playpens, strollers, clothes, wagons, clothes, bikes, clothes, shoes, toys, clothes, books, ...and oh, did I mention clothes?) there is someone out there willing to buy it secondhand.
Garage sales are great, but people come looking for all sorts of things and personally, I can't stand someone asking me if I'd take a quarter for junk that's clearly worth fifty cents.

At the Mothertime Marketplace Consignment Sale, people are looking specifically for children's products and clothes.  They wait in a line to get inside the doors, and they wait in even longer lines to purchase the discounted goods; some stuff brand new with tags, and all items 50-75% (or more) off original retail value.
You set your own prices.
I underprice my items, but I bring very little home with me after the sale.
A mere $10 allows you to consign, and you keep 70% of your sales.
Wish I thought of this idea.
My bestie Melisa grabbed as many outfits for her 3 daughters as her arms could hold during the consignor pre-sale.
After assisting behind the registers for a second time, I've seen many people spend well over $400.  It's really not that unusual.  Some have to make several trips out to their cars, carrying bags and bags of gently used goodies.
 Being a mom of multiples, I've always taken whatever people have offered me secondhand.   I knew I couldn't afford all new things (especially in quantities of 2), nor did I need to have them.  There are definitely moms out there that want everything brand new, but that was never me. I was always glad (and still am) to reuse and help recycle.

Look for a sale like this in your area.
Invest the time and energy of being a consignor.
For those mommas that have trouble 'letting go', I'd suggest saving a few favorite outfits, and saying goodbye to the rest.  Cut that cord, girls! The check you'll get in the mail will make all the pain go away!


  1. 'Tis the season! Just 15 minutes ago I finished sorting through my [small] pile of things that didn't sell from the spring consignment sale I did...and folding some of the girls' winter things for the next sale, in August.

    I, too, LOVE participating in these sales! I save an outfit or two here and there, but I love seeing what I can get for the rest of the girls' things. With what doesn't sell, I have a couple of friends that I pass things along to.

    Of course it's great having some money coming back into the house, but it's just as rewarding for me to find a "home" for the things the girls no longer need / can use.

  2. This was my 2nd sale also. I took 2 SUV loads to the fairgrounds and came home with 2 small boxes of leftovers and $600 in my pockets. I too wish I had thought of this genius idea!

  3. I participated in the sale for the first time. I'm not sure if I will again though. It was SO much work! And I agree, much better than a garage sale. Maybe I'll try again when my kids are older and I have more free time to get my items ready.


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