Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monkey Blood

Andrew and Wesley both received several blood transfusions in the first few days of their lives.
I think there was a terrible mistake made in the hospital.
I believe Andrew was accidentally given monkey blood.
He literally climbs out and in (yes, in - found him in Wesley's crib several times now) in a matter of seconds.  28 to be exact.
Out of all these shots, I think my favorite one is his "ta-dah" shot.
He's pretty pleased with his dismount, don't you think.
The crib tent is working great at my parent's house, but I think we'll move right to the bed, here.
Andrew's mattress is now on the floor until we make his toddler bed.
It's in the works.
Most of the time, he falls asleep (after at least an hour of giggling) somewhere near the mattress.  If he's lucky, he gets half of his body on it by the time he finally passes out.
I wonder if he's dreaming about bananas...


  1. LOl I feel your pain! I have pictures of mine where they pushed their cribs together and were doing synchronized crib jumping. Where they'd go back and forth from one to another.

    Never a dull moment huh? :)

  2. Wow, that’s how they do it. I just found my toddler out of her crib this morning and was looking online to read up on it and I saw your adorable post. Great you were able to photograph it.


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