Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Crib Vault

It might just be time.
After hearing excessive amounts of giggling, my mom realized that Andrew not only climbed out of his crib during nap time yesterday, but into his brother's pack-n-play!
1. So cute! They must have been so excited!
 2. So dangerous!
...although Andrew is super graceful and has insane upper-body strength (see previous upper-body strength shenanigans here.)  I really don't think he'd fall.  If Wesley tried it, however, we might have to call the paramedics.
Bull. In. China Shop.

Due to the crib-nastics, giggling and non-napping, my mom got the boys up, fed them lunch and then tried again, putting Andrew in the playpen and Wesley in the crib.  Her theory was that if he tried again, he'd have less of a falling distance to the floor (if he actually fell).  Minutes later, Wesley is sound asleep and Andrew...well, Andrew was standing in the hallway with one of those "I'm not supposed to be here, am I," looks on his face.
The kid is not a napper.  That's the first issue.  Wesley could literally take 4 naps a day, but not Andrew.  Andrew is my night owl, too.  
My second dilemma is the crib/toddler bed transition.  Any advice?  I've read that some kids are in beds before they turn one, but for some reason, 19 months still seems too early for me.  I like (liked) knowing my babes were safely contained.  Obviously, that's not the case anymore.

Here is Andrew not even two minutes after we left Nana and Papa's house.  Figures. The kid was exhausted from crib vaulting.

So last night I bought a crib tent for my parents house.  I acted impulsively, and probably should have explored more options before buying the thing, but we'll see how it works.

The good news is that I've wanted to make these DIY toddler beds since I first saw them... The supplies make 2 beds! It was meant to be.  Crafty Momma + Handy Hubby = Perfect Spring Project!
It's time.  Here's the link:

Photo Credit: Design Sponge


  1. too funny!!
    Audrey was in a toddler bed at 15 months (surprise, surprise ;)
    good luck with the todder beds - they're cute!

  2. Oh gosh....we are getting very close to this too and I am TERRIFIED. Like seriously scared to death of what this will do to their sleep and MINE. I've looked up the crib tents, too, and think it will be what I try first. I am with you -- I think 19 months is way to early for a toddler bed. I know some kids fall/crawl out at an early age, but some kids stay in their crib til they are 3. Wide range. Please keep up posted...about the tents and the new beds. God be with you!

  3. love the todder beds, look so cute:)


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