Friday, February 4, 2011

What a mess...

Can someone please tell me how and when your little ones started using silverware?

Is there a trick I'm missing here? A certain food that's easy to start out with?

Almost, but not quite.

My poor table!

I really think he's trying, here.

When all else fails, use your fingers.

Just look at this face.  Are you kidding me?

Hey! He's got it!

Look at those hands!  Yuck!

Pretty proud of himself, even though he got more on him than in him.

As you can imagine, the twins went right in the tub after this event.
(and the silverware went back in the drawer for a few more months.)


  1. practice, practice, practice! (and maybe shorter spoons?)

    good luck!

  2. I think I'm probably on the far end of the spectrum, but I didn't introduce utensils with our girls until they were almost two. I have heard that a lot of kids can be pretty proficient between 18 and 20 months, but I didn't want to frustrate our girls...and especially me! :) I tend to avoid mess where I can. :)

    By waiting so late, our girls took to it pretty quickly...within a week or so. They've been at it about six weeks at this point, and they're really good! I even let them eat lasagna a couple of days ago wearing "good" shirts (with bibs). :)

    A nurse at our ped's office told me that it is sometimes easier to start with a fork, as it may be easier to "stab" something than to balance it on a spoon. We actually started with the fork and spoon about the same time, but that may be something to consider.

    I have also experimented with several different types of utensils. The ones that work the best for us are Nuk brand (I got them at Walmart). They have a fat rubberized handle, but a stainless fork or spoon.

    For us, using utensils has opened the door to so many new dishes. The girls have been feeding themselves forever (with their hands), but they didn't want me to feed them. That made one-dish meals - like lasagna and jambalaya - very challenging. Now we have so many "new" dishes we can all eat together!

    Good luck!!!

  3. Ugh! I am in the exact same boat. Glad to hear I'm not alone. We just tried forks this week. I appreciate Mandy's experience, though...because maybe it's too early and we should revisit later. :) I hate a mess!!

  4. oh Marge, I couldnt imagine doing this with twins. I am trying to remember how we did if it was that long ago. We do not like mess in our house lol I think I just would put the food on the spoon or fork (fork being easier so the food didnt fall off as easy!) then hand it to Alanna instead of having her get the food onto the utensil then to her mouth. For awhile any soft foods, like yogurt we continued to feed her, and worked with a fork for little cleaner learning! good luck! they will get there :)

  5. Thanks for the advice and ideas, everyone! Forks are just as difficult in our house. At this point, it seems it is more fun to stab something and wave it around insanely above our heads until it flies off than to actually put it in our mouths. Maybe we'll take a hiatus for a little while.

  6. Vanessa is right, shorter spoons!

  7. We started at about a 18m with forks too. They were way eaiser for the kids than the spoons. They can pretty much eat anything with a fork or spoon now at almost 2. I agree with the short Nuk ones. After a while you can use the what look like Ikea ones you have in the pictures. Thats what we use now that the girls have mastered the fork and spoon. Yogurt is hard to start with. Mashed potatoes are good to practice with and pasta went over well with our little ones starting out. Good luck. They will catch on. :)


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