Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday's Cookie Mishap

On Tuesday, I decided to bake some cut-out cookies for the boys.
Heart cookies, perfect for Valentine's Day.
The boys decided to "help" by pulling out my pans and dancing on them.

I was out of butter, so figured I'd pick some up later in the day, make the frosting and then have a decorating party.  I was a bit nervous about the boys and candy sprinkles, but was willing to take the risk for a good photo op.

Turns out, I never had to get butter. The boys decided that the few samples I gave them were so tasty that they didn't need frosting on their cookies.  They pulled the entire rack onto the floor.

Then they decided it was necessary to taste every dog-hair covered cookie to make
sure they were all the same.

Yep, this one tastes just like the last one.

If only Wesley's hands were bigger...

After most of the cookies had little tiny teeth marks in them, I picked up all the pieces
and then called in the cleaning crew.
God, I love having dogs.


  1. YOU could be munching on cookies right now if you would have just asked me for some butter! I have plenty here!

  2. Vanessa, I considered calling you, but in my defense, it was like 1 degree out. I love cookies, but not that much (and as much as Audrey loves to deliver things to our house, I wouldn't want her going out in that either!) My waistline is sort of glad that the cookies ended up in the trash!

  3. Haha! Oh that is funny. And I agree, dogs are the best cleaning crews :).

  4. LOL! I really, really LOVE these types of "mishaps". Another hard lesson learned: you could TOTALLY be Super Mum ... if the children didn't mess everything up! :)

    I need a dog...!

  5. LOL! Well, can you blame them. Cookies are awesome and its SO hard to wait for them to look pretty so you can eat them.


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