Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{Product Endorsement} Petunia Pickle Bottom Bags for Mom's of Multiples!

I usually don't so this sort of thing, but I was more than thrilled when I received an email advertising Petunia Pickle Bottom's new line of Boxy Backpack diaper bags specifically designed for moms of multiples! Finally!  It is called the Abundance Boxy Backpack, and it's full of spaces to make things a bit easier when going out on the town with your little bundles of joy.  I scored  a PPB Boxy Backpack a few years ago at their semi-annual Outlet Sale (well before I was ever even pregnant, cuz, well, they are just GORGEOUS), and then several more purchases followed.  Shortly after having twins, however, I soon realized that my sassy, stylish Cross Town Clutch that I just had to have may have well have been a change purse. There was no way I could stuff everything I'd need for two babies in there!  Cute, but sooo not practical for this momma of multiples.

Then along comes this new bag.  Perfect, roomy and like always, stunning.    Yes, a diaper bag can be stunning. Don't believe me?  Check out their website.  I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on my bag.  Weird, but true.  And it's totally worth the money, you'll get more than your money's worth out of this product. They take a beating, and when you're covered in 2 times the poop and spit-up, you'll still feel confident that you *appear* to have it all together! So if you know anyone expecting 2 or more, send this idea their way (or better yet, it'd make a great shower gift!) Or, just go ahead and treat yourself to one.  We deserve it, right? Anything to make life with twins a little easier.

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