Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The hubs and I had a very productive weekend at home.  We had three entire days together with absolutely no plans, which doesn't happen too often.   It was a great time to get things done indoors, being that the temps hit below zero here in Buffalo.

Why do we live here?
Oh yeah, the beautiful summers and falls.

We managed to squeeze in a visit from the boys Aunt and Uncle (complete with chicken wings), as well as a spontaneous and slightly expensive trip to Ikea in Canada.  We're re-doing our bedroom that is in desperate need of a make-over.

Don't believe me?
Just imagine this:
Oh, yeah.

We got some serious Swedish goodies to help move this project along.

I actually made a resolution this year.  I'm not usually into this tradition, so I kept it simple:  Drink more water and eat healthier (um...forget I mentioned those chicken wings).
As for "us", Dan and I have resolved to SIMPLIFY.   We have so much clutter in the house, and we both have saved a ridiculous amount of memorabilia over the years.
Time to let it all go, ...or, ...well, most of it. 
we simplified hardcore in our bedroom this weekend. 
Not priming (yet).
Not painting (yet).
No decorating (yet).
Not ripping out that hideous carpet.
That day can't come soon enough.
Just lots and lots of simplifying, in the form of multiple garbage bags that are now waiting to be donated or taken to the curb.

Hoping the boys didn't inherit our pack-rat gene.

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  1. I am soooo pleased to hear that you are simplifying. Your boys will help. Trust me. In the not too distant future, they will trash your house. Bit by bit. If your Dan is anything like my Dan, he will simply shake his head as he throws out all your belongings...after the twins have had their fun. Good luck!


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