Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Bros

The boys played in the snow for the first time ever today.  Pretty sad that one, they are almost a year and a half, and two, we live in Buffalo.  Shame on us for not letting them experience the cold white stuff  sooner,  but last year they were too little, and this winter, it's just been too darn cold.  We're having a heat wave today (30 degrees!) so we thought we'd jump at the opportunity.  The snow bros LOVED it!!!


  1. I'm feeling guilty that our girls haven't experienced the snow yet...and they're TWO! I really should have bought snow suits for them this year, but I'm from Alabama, and that's just foreign territory to me! I am actually on the hunt for some on clearance - hopefully for this year, or if not, for next. If nothing else, I can't wait to take some pictures of our snow bunnies!

    So glad your two enjoyed their adventure, and those pictures are precious. :)

  2. Don't beat yourself up too badly. It's been COLD! I hardly ever took the kids out in the snow when they were that young, and I live in Ottawa! However, my twinnies now (age 5) will dress up in their winter gear and run as fast as the can to the nearest snow pile - all by themselves! All I have to do is say "Have a good time" and occasionally look out the window at all of their snow angels. This is a perfect set-up for someone who doesn't want to be a Mummysicle.

  3. Such a cute picture! Glad the little men are enjoying themselves!


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