Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Barbershop

Vincent's Barbershop in Riverside.
My husband went there as a boy.
My father-in-law started going there as a teen.
It was Wesley's & Andrew's  turn.
The first "real" haircut".
What a difference from the mom-cut.

I loved the feel of Vince's Barbershop the second I walked in the door.
Old-school chairs,
an old-school register,
Pretty old-school, himself.

Vince is in his 80's (!) and still cutting the hair of his "regulars."
He was dressed in his adorable old-man duds.
His uniform was completed by his glasses and old-man smell.
(Yes, old men smell...not bad, not good...they just have that smell.  Don't believe me? Go sniff one.)

The twins were definitely a challenge for him, but he succeeded.
Wesley before the haircut.

Andrew's "before" shot.

Wesley did GREAT!  Minimal wiggling.  Nice haircut, Vince!

Andrew didn't do so well.  This was seconds before the massive wiggling and screaming meltdown.

Looking good, Wesley! The "after" shot.

Andrew's After shot.  Nice from the front!
...and a little mishap from too much wiggling!  Too funny.  Reminds me of that silly skit on Jacka$$!


  1. What happened?! They seem to grow up before my eyes! Both babies look like TODDLERS!!! Still squishable though!

    Do you know what I would give to have hair that colour?! Lucky, lucky them!!!

  2. Not sure when they grew up, but the haircuts definitely make them look like 'kids' instead of 'babies.' That being said, we have always thought that Wesley resembled a 38 year old man! ...and I'm waiting for the day when they slow down long enough for me to *squish* them again!

  3. LOVE it! All of it, the cute old man, the sweet little boys and even the Jacka$$ bald spot. That picture will be so cute years down the road. Great job capturing the experience mom!


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