Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Weekend Getaway

This past weekend was my long overdue trip to NY to visit my good friend Eve.  We met sophomore year of college, lost touch after graduation, and were reunited once again a few years back thanks to good ol' facebook.  We have been in touch ever since. (Aww!)

Cold.  Snow.  Wind.  Flurries. Plows.
The weather in Buffalo was terrible (even for Buffalo.)
People were actually stranded on the roads for hours the night before due to the snow piling up and I was nervous about making it to the airport, let alone my flight not being cancelled.
I arrived in Newark fashionably late, and then the weekend festivities began!

This is Eve at the Union Square Craft fair.  See?  I told you she was crazy cool!

Eve's roomie works at the Empire State Building, so we got to go up with him for half price.  The best part was that we got to cut right up to the front of the line!  No waiting! 
Here's the amazingly awesome view...

Stupid me unknowingly had my camera on manual focus, so I got some great blurry shots.

Can you tell we're freezing here?

Eve showing me some NY love.

The weekend flew by, but we packed a TON in.
We ate at  some AMAZING restaurants.
If you are in NYC, you must check out Mario Batali's Eataly.  You could literally spend three days in this place; eating, grocery shopping and gawking at all the amazing products for sale.
We ate at Le Verdure, his vegetarian restaurant within Eataly, and I'm still drooling over the chickpea fritter, drenched in sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese, the mushroom-and-caramelized-onion-covered focaccia and the roasted fennel on stewed tomatoes. YUMMMMM!
We had the pleasure of dining here with Eve's friend, a former chef, who now works in NYC for Spain's Rioja wine region.
She works for the whole region.
Yes, the entire wine region.
Could there be a cooler job?
Where do I apply?

We dined and heard some great French gypsy jazz at Madame Claude's in Jersey City.
Awesome food and ambiance.
We had a mouth-watering brunch at Marco & Pepe - I highly recommend the Eggs & Toast, and the giant glaze covered Portuguese muffin.
I can actually hear myself gaining weight as I type!
Got pizza and beer with all the hipsters at Roberta's.
We took a long, cold walk across part of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Went to a soul party, featuring The Sweet Divines, an amazingly talented group of gals and soul legend Syl Johnson.  AWESOME!
Went to a record fair and scored a sweet album.
Spent half a day at Spa Castle, a huge indoor resort with saunas, hot tubs and spa treatments, galore!

Eve knows her city.
She loves her city.
...and I'm glad she shared it with me for just a few days!

Are you ready to get your craft on?
Check back this Friday for a Double the Giggles giveaway!


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time! Good for you!

  2. Aww Margie! It was sooooo fun to have you here! Cant wait for Margie Takes Manhattan Part Deux!


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